Dragoma wrote:
i want to know if i have bleed on weapon and have bloodlust on my chest with cyclone will i get the bonus dmg or do i need to use a another skill first to make them bleed or will cyclone make them bleed.
Dont have high enough lvl to test this
you'd still need another skill to bleed.

as for everyone else reading this thread, how about something ELSE such as a minion or a party member apply the bleed. maybe when devs make a tiny stationary whirlwind summoning melee attack, then people can use this on thier normal attack while the 'nado is applying rapid 1% dps hits to single foe out of many inside its radius =p? now thats fancy worthless debuffing done right. maybe the idea will become something else XD
Why not just reduce the multiplier and simply remove the "cannot cause bleeding"?

This gem seems completly useless to me...

I have to work around this restriction with a second skill that applies the bleed, only to get some damage multiplier for as long as the monster bleeds?

Even IF I had a free support gem link, why not use some other damage or utility support?
What is the selling point of Bloodlust?
3.5 build:
Tygerwoody wrote:
The fact you can't cause the mob to bleed with the blood lust support gem attached is a huge deterant. If I have a bleeding weapon and it causes the mob to bleed, it shouldn't matter.

ATM I kill slower with blood lust even though the dps is theoretically and visibly higher. Reason being is I have to switch skills to use a different skill, then switch back to my main skill for the higher dps with bloodlust. Meanwhile, i could have just used my main skill the entire time and probably killed the mob just as fast if not faster due to the time it takes to switch.

I made a build completely around bloodlust with my 6L Atziri's Disfavour so for me to say I'm no longer going to use bloodlust is a pretty big deal. Instead I switched it out for faster attacks which is quite possibly the weakest support gem there is(dps wise). I lose around 12kdps going from bloodlust(87k) to faster attacks(75k), but its a lot less headache.

I like the idea of bloodlust, but the fact that my bleeding weapon can't cause bleed when bloodlust attached is very disappointing.

I'd like to echo the sentiment expressed above. Weapon effects such as Culling Strike, Knockback, Hits Can't Be Evaded and Poisonous Hit are applied independent of the skill used. Why is Causes Bleeding on Hit being singled out to behave differently?

Sure, I get that it was most likely considered to be too powerful without some sort of mitigation but this a terrible solution . Why is an entire game mechanic being changed to fix a single broken support gem?

I'm sure the vast majority of people who put in the time, effort and currency to put together an effective bleed-applying character eventually decided they'd rather have their primary attack apply bleed than waste a precious socket on this gem. Effectively, the only use for this gem is to support a secondary skill such as counter-attacks when no alternative can be found if, and only if, the character already inflicts bleed regularly. In other words, this gem is used effectively by maybe five or six people.

Also, the description of this gem is in dire need of changing. The phrase Cannot Cause Bleeding is at once trivial and misleading. The only implication of this is that supported attacks will not cause bleeding by virtue of being supported by Bloodlust. The text "Cannot Cause Bleeding" ought to be replaced with "Supported Attacks Cannot Cause Bleeding" or something to that effect.

Fix this support gem. It's almost entirely un-playable and has caused many people to waste a significant amount of time trying to make use of it. As it stands, removing this gem entirely from the game would be better for the players than leaving it in unchanged.
Also, the description of this gem is in dire need of changing. The phrase Cannot Cause Bleeding is at once trivial and misleading. The only implication of this is that supported attacks will not cause bleeding by virtue of being supported by Bloodlust.

And unsurprisingly, that is precisely what happens.
I'm not going to lie, this support sucks way more than it should. It does too many things wrong and works too against itself for anyone to even consider using it.

1)Cannot cause bleed
If you're using a weapon with bleed chance, bleed on hit, or bleed chance from passives, you can't use the skill linked to bloodlust to cause bleed. You need to use another skill first.
2)Melee only
Even though I really only play melee characters, ranged users get shafted pretty hard. I mean, tora gives you a bow with bleed already on it, something that costs 2 divines for a melee user to get. Yet you can't use it with bows.

I love bleed, I've wanted to do a bleed build for the longest time but never really got that inspiration to go with it. Now that there's weapons that have bleed chance, and a support which gives damage to bleeding enemies everything should be great. But it isn't. It feels pretty damn tedious to use this and not fun at all. Honestly, if you have to give less damage to bleeding targets, a higher mana multiplier, adjust level requirements or reduced attack speed, I mean really anything to balance it I would welcome it. As it is now, it just sucks. I'd rather have it raise my mana multiplier through the roof or only be able to use it in at a higher level than use it now.
I think this is the perfect gem aside all the crying and really fits into the design mentality of huge dowside you have to work around and very big benefit when used properly.

To all the exiles concerned about the lack of application, go ahead and try out these combos:
-vagan bleed mod (much price, such cost, so expense)
-passive nodes
-mark of the doubting knight
-maraketh weapons (Small Sword, Courtesan Sword, Dragoon Sword)
-tora's mod
-jack the axe
-blood reaper
-atziri's disfavour
-goredrill (statstick off-hander)

-reckoning + bleed effect on (various) weapons and passive three
-riposte + bleed weapon
-vengeance + bleed weapon
-animate guardian + jack the axe / blood reaper
-zombies/skellies/spectres + bloodlust
-whirling blades + bleed weapon
-leap slam + bleed weapon

all the above skills can also work as main damage dealers linked with melee physical & bloodlust, along with good block, knockback jewels or flasks and empire's grasp. I've played around with it quite a lot and currently my marauder with fairly lackluster 3k dps cyclone causing bleeds with reverse knockback can kill big packs easily with just the damage from reckoning alone. Punishment auto applied by very high block and spell block from sentari's answer. The constant moving of the enemies also boosts the bleeding damage which can easily be doubledipped with vulnerability.

Apparently the bloodlusts effect can be further multiplied with elemental damage conversion trickery with items like, hrimsorrow, hatred, added fire, cold to fire, pyre, call of the brotherhood, physical to lightning, chernobog's pillar, the various elemental conversion melee skills and avatar of fire, as supposedly the melee physical more-multiplier ought to work as a base mutliplier.

Note that bleeding can also overcome the downside of southbound gloves just like ignite and righteous fire. The more obvious thing to do is use tora's mod bow on a summoner and link minions into melee phys and bloodlust to cause huge amount of stacked damage

Just because you haven't been able to figure out what it can do doesn't mean it's a shit gem. I think in it's own peculiar way it fits to the game perfectly and is very balanced as it is.

On a side note i wish there was a way to proliferate bleeds.
useless gem for pvp. Pll just need to flask once and it s over, you have a 5l instead of a 6l.

Ci users have a more melee damage for free + the classical melee damage, rt users need bleed to get 2 more phy.

This gem should have a lower base like 30% max to the more phy but instead make any bleed users have only a 20% chance to bleed or something like that.

Forum pvp
just one question not mentionned befor:

I'm using Atziri's disfavour, which cause bleed on hit

Does the second phase from any melee skill (eg static strike, molten strike,...) have increased damage via bloodlust if the target is bleeding?

And if the target is not bleeding, does the the second phase of the skill apply the bleed?

thx for the answer (and sorry for the bad english, i hope it's understandable)
I'm just going to leave this here.

Vaal double strike - melee physical - melee phys full life - bloodlust
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This gem is the dumbest thing i have ever seen in a video game. It takes the clunky act of applying a bleed and makes it even harder by using another skill. So dumb.
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