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I'm quite disappointed that this gem does not work with bow skills. When you consider that the Puncture skill can be used with bows and also that the Forsaken Master, Tora, who seems to be linked to ranger skills and weapons, has a signature mod that causes bleeding, this really feels like a big omission.

I was planning to use Puncture on my bow ranger followed by a different single target skill like Frenzy that would have Bloodlust linked to it. I thought that would be a fun way to play instead of just spamming a single skill over and over. But Bloodlust has the "melee" tag and its damage bonus is specifically "melee physical damage".

I hope the devs would reconsider this and maybe allow it to work with bow skills too.
Does it count with sword bleed and bow bleed implicit? Or do you need to attack with another skill or basic attack to apply the bleed?
shadowscout wrote:
Does it count with sword bleed and bow bleed implicit? Or do you need to attack with another skill or basic attack to apply the bleed?

Obviously, you have to attack with another skill (puncture) to inflict bleed, and then use your main skill will Bloodlust linked. All that seems too complex to me and isnt worth that damage bonus Bloodlust provides.
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It's mostly interesting for a single-target attack when using Puncture as an AoE (you'll probably hit the fat guy with Puncture when murdering the pack), or in a team setup.
The fact you can't cause the mob to bleed with the blood lust support gem attached is a huge deterant. If I have a bleeding weapon and it causes the mob to bleed, it shouldn't matter.

ATM I kill slower with blood lust even though the dps is theoretically and visibly higher. Reason being is I have to switch skills to use a different skill, then switch back to my main skill for the higher dps with bloodlust. Meanwhile, i could have just used my main skill the entire time and probably killed the mob just as fast if not faster due to the time it takes to switch.

I made a build completely around bloodlust with my 6L Atziri's Disfavour so for me to say I'm no longer going to use bloodlust is a pretty big deal. Instead I switched it out for faster attacks which is quite possibly the weakest support gem there is(dps wise). I lose around 12kdps going from bloodlust(87k) to faster attacks(75k), but its a lot less headache.

I like the idea of bloodlust, but the fact that my bleeding weapon can't cause bleed when bloodlust attached is very disappointing.
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I did a few tests killing Merciless Malachai. My ingame strategy is typically to use my 6L Sweep in my chest to both trigger fortify and trigger bleed for bloodlust(where applicable) , then immediately switch to my damage dealing Cleave. I performed the exact same test 6 times. 3 times with faster attacks, 3 times with bloodlust. Here are the results:

Weapon - Atziri's Disfavour

Cleave - Added Fire - Melee Physical - Multistrike - Concentrated Effect - Faster Attacks

Average time to kill Malachai through 3 tests - 2 minutes 10 seconds

Weapon - Atziri's Disfavour

Cleave - Added Fire - Melee Physical - Multistrike - Concentrated Effect - Bloodlust

Average Time to kill Malachai through 3 tests - 2 minutes 57 seconds

The end result: Bloodlust took 36% longer to kill Malachai

Its clear to me that Bloodlust not only is more cumbersome to use, but also kills slower as well. While Bloodlust actually is activated I can see the dps increase, however I felt like the entire time I kept having to trigger bleed to make Bloodlust work. This caused time to pass. Also during this time, there were many times I nearly died because trying to trigger bleed. I will not use Bloodlust again unless it is changed. I hope GGG reads this feedback and performs tests themselves.
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I was planning to make a bleed reaver, thank god I've found this thread before spending 8ex on a weapon...
ok so I thought id give bloodlust a go see how this plays out. Decided to kill a few birds with one stone so weve gone double dansgame bloodmagic keystone pure armour marauder, just for science. Heres the setup were looking at

so I got a cyclone in the chest that fortifies, enfeebles and bleeds then another with the dips in the axe. The idea is to use it in situations where you feel you need it, instantly kill trash anyway and then anything that can soak up damage you bleed it with a quick pulse of the utility cyclone.

Its kind of cool, the damage feels significant. This character is in a position though where he has a free gem slot where blood magic gem would be on, well, probably a better build Id say. That means its easier to bring in bloodlust on a char like this. At the same time this char has essentially 4 more modifiers to pick from, no hatred so added fire is really just 47% more damage as fire, we have melee phys 51% more damage, conc effect 61% and then bloodlust and mine at lvl18 in the +2 disfavour is at 59% so presume 61% fully leveled?

Well, only 2 of those have downsides, so added fire and melee phys are in, theres room for 1 more, what are we gonna pick here? bloodlust or conc effect? Well cause I want to try out bloodlust I picked bloodlust of course but is that really wise? slight reduction in AOE vs only having this damage when I pre bleed, and 90% of mobs I can kill as quick as bleed them?

This gem is good and actually I like the play, I think you get excessive dps to start with so that you dont need the bleed bonus against trash then you use it against rare and unique mobs, thats how this gem makes sense in terms of play. But honestly, youre losing a gem slot for damage that will only be used and appreciated in a tiny % of encounters and even when you do use it, theres a cost involved of having to actually apply the bleed. so its a really hefty price tag on the gem and what its giving you imo isnt enough. On this particular char its one of 4 gems that are honestly much of a muchness, considering how demanding this gem is to even do anything I feel like its damage bonus should be higher, cause right now I feel like Id probably socket melee phys, added fire and conc and just get the same damage all the time and be able to bleed based on that damage all the time, and this is a char who has 1 more link than most cyclones are going to have.

I like the idea, enjoy playing it, will continue to do so for now, and the damage is very good, but conc is good too, melee phys is good. Its just not good enough for the size of the hoops its asking players to jump through. Feels like its damage is based around 100% uptime, and that is never going to be a good way to play with this gem because it will never be efficient to bleed every single mob no matter what damage this gives. If Im going to give up 47% or 51% or 61% constantly applied more damage and give up my ability to bleed mobs with my main attack for a damage boost i use on maybe 6 monsters per map it has to give me more than 61%, Im not actually gonna feel like its worth it unless its something like 85%.
i want to know if i have bleed on weapon and have bloodlust on my chest with cyclone will i get the bonus dmg or do i need to use a another skill first to make them bleed or will cyclone make them bleed.
Dont have high enough lvl to test this

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