Nice build ^^ I am actually doing it right now ! :D Only lvl 28 atm .. but I hope it is gonna be a blast !!!!
You seem to have missed adding a belt to your gear instead having 2 pairs of gauntlets. :)
Also do you think this build would work with Earthquake instead of Groundslam ?
how can a 4k character do maps above t10?
Hello, I'm a Begginer and I wanted to ask. If we use a mace, why do we need to take the axe damage thing ? How is that good with ground slam ?
Do you have any suggestions when adding auras like HoA for this build?
Last edited by blank0815 on Jul 23, 2018, 11:05:10 PM
Any chance for reupping the build in steps at some point? Is there another way to see it?
hi there man, i started following your guide, but just realized dat maybe it is not updated for 3.0 and not good for it? can you asnwer to me to do?

and another thing, about the ascendency, what we supposed to lvl up first? hows the tree path on the ascendency

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