I would leave out faster attacks, it is more likely you will get a 4-link red socket then a 5 with a random green. Also your attacks will go up, when you socket everything together. What the build is meant to do is combine high AOE with high life pool and life leech. This way you do damage to a large group or enemies or mobs and gain your health back almost immediately.

CONCLUSION: If you come by the skill gem "heavy strike, try using that on bosses or bigger targets, but clear out the little guys first!

ALSO: Like I said in the build, max your resistance with rings (fire, cold, lighting) but look for elemental and physical damage mods to weapons as well!

Hope this helps!

What other gem combinations do you run with?
I'm having some trouble deciding what to fill the rest with.

I'm thinking a heavy strike link on the other 5/6 link
I'm a big fan of autocasts, so maybe 2 CWDT and/or a vengeance and/or Golem.
CWDT 1: IC-ID-(Molten shell/Warlords Mark/Blood rage/Golem)
Vengeance: Endurance charge on stun-stun-(?) OR curse on hit-warlords mark-(?)
CWDT 2: what wasn't picked in the CWDT 1 OR a Golem link OR some self casts.

If endurance charges from vengeance is decent, switch curse to something ells.
Last edited by Naeven on Jul 16, 2015, 3:50:46 AM
Connorj177 wrote:

Well you would be doing is a little different, this build heavily relies and revolves around the skill groundslam, but sweep could be used as a secondary of some kind. The way I set up the passives and support gems is the way the build is supposed to be followed and they work together perfectly.

Conclusion: I would try finding a [2.0] build for sweep instead of using mine, with sweep you would need a few different support gems and a different tree set-up.


Your tree is a super-generic 2h mace build.

It can be used with any main attack, be it Ground Slam, Sweep, Heavy Strike+Splash, Static Strike, Ice Crash, Molten Strike... Whatever is desired by the player.

The only thing that may or may not be needed is a couple of points in Dex/Int, but this shouldn't be an issue, since you're travelling past +30 Int/Dex nodes anyways.
And this issue can also be solved via gear.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
I have a marauder that i was using a time ago, and now see this build, also i have a Marohi Erqi 6S 4L, its good for this build?


Conclusion: yes

Also @Peterlerock

I may have said that it is a generic build, but to fully see its potential and for new players especially, I would highly recommend following it as I wrote it. If you or anyone else is a more experienced with POE and builds, then DO WHAT YOU WANT

Conclusion: If you know your way round the game and/or familiar with this build, do what you want and mess around a bit!
Hardcore Tempest League, Act 4 Cruel

So far, so good. Mostly worked fine until now. My items were far from good (2 levels before I still had a 2L-armor), i'm pretty outdated with most of the slots:

I had a lot of luck to find the mace early, I think I wear it now for 30 lvls.... :)
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Great work so far! If I were you though, I would try switching out for an Onyx or Amber amulet! You dont need the extra intelligence or dex.

Conclusion: Self explanatory
The amu is just in use for the resistance. Haven't found anything better yet :(
Thank you for updating the tree. There is only one thing that I would add is that if we need to have more defense. Then we will have to self cast Enduring Cry/Immortal call. So now that means that the setup would be Enduring Cry/Immortal Call/Increased Duration. I am wondering how well would that work as far as defense goes? Or are you saying that with the changes to the tree that we don't need that extra defense from self casting Enduring Cry/Immortal Call?

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