Path of Exile 2.0.0: The Awakening Patch Notes

Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Welcome back phase run.

Piss off with your attempts at condescension. I'm fucking Charan. Who the fuck are you?
I'm out. This is pathetic. Have fun licking up the sloppy seconds, Bambi.
Cloak of de fiance. What a load." -- Ruler of Wraeclast.
TL;DR... Work on your transparancy... this game is still not balanced around bananas.
Still excited
Never in a rush - always in a mess.
I love you GGG
hahaha, a novel !
Path of Exile - RNG based hoarding simulator
This is insane haha. You might as well have just said "We made a new game".
Chris wrote:

Fire Shrines, Static Shrines and Hexing Shrines will no longer spawn.

By Fire Shrine, do you mean Burning Shrine?
"The Dread Thicket is now always 50%"
What does that mean ? O_o
So we are STILL stuck with just 4 masters in our H/O. Come on GGG, it's been almost a year that we are stuck in this situation.
not a single word about Lord Kuduku's new hill? :(

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