Path of Exile 2.0.0: The Awakening Patch Notes

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Oooh SNAP! Its happening!
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Michael Jackson just came here to read the patch notes. Time for Popcorn!
GGG, you're joking, right? You nerfed Ondar's Guile even more than it was in beta? Are you actively trying instant kill every single physical ranged char? Oh boy! Reflect sure will be fun. Screw it, going elemental instead, at least there's evasion, dodge AND 75% reduction from resistances.

Oh and thanks for removing the excitement of seeing a Cartographer's Strongbox entirely. I'd rather see an armorers strongbox for the 6S potential.
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omg that is hellofalotoftext.

thanks chris.

other corrections needed
- "It now only lowers the casting cost of skills."
- Nycta's Lantern misses the "list tags"
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yep thats big lol, you had to post this right before I was gonna go to sleep.
OMG its out!!! PATCH NOTES!!! FreeCalcifer & Lanikoa lets ROLL!!!!
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Hols shhhh, this will take like 2 hours to read and understand. Challange accepted!
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