[2.0 HC/SC] Wolder's Blood Magic Burning Discharger Scion/Templar

Me again very intrigued by your build and want to say some things to maby improve it :) I would pick up windscream as boots and try and corrupt a pair of gloves with either temp chains or ele weakness, I would prefer temp chaisn because this will greatly increase your defenses and your burn damage. Burn duration is the most important thing if you want to scale burn damage. For singel target I would like to see searing bond totem :) it will not proc EE and will synergys greatly with the other parts of this build. Need a way to chill the enemys though. Also look into Hypothermia it works with DoT damage like searing bond :) Anyway if I find anything else thoughtful I might come by your stream :)
Like your ideas with corruption + windscream. There is just so many different boots this build can use. Kaom's Roots, for no stuns. Blood Dance for frenzy charges and no need for CWDT Blood Rage. And as you said Windscream + Corrupted Gloves. When Awakening wil release and this char will be high level, i will update the build 100%. Wil all options and pros/cons to everything.

Thanks for your feedback. It means a lot to me. :)
IGN: SirSwift
Will look forward to that :) This build has potential for great scaling end game and mid game wreaking, it is very interesting.
Great build mate. You can also use any 1-shotting vaal skill to take down harder bosses on sight, like Vaal Fireball, or Vaal Spark, I'm more into VFB ;) Cheers.
Cool build but mate,firestorm for single target is pretty dumb with EE.
what do u think about infernal mantle+consuming dark dagger to convert all the fire damage from endurance charges to chaos damage ? Maybe even make use of righteous fire . reflect wont be a problem anymore and i have seen that there are some nice jewels for chaos damage too like Eldritch Knowledge (5% chaos damage /10 int) or Weight of Sin (20% chaos damage... maybe more of this)
Hi i like the concept of this build, but i have some suggestion about your skilltree, i think burning damage nodes are overrated.
you will benefit more from fire damage nodes or even elemental damage nodes because they will increase both the burning damage and your initial hit which causes the burn.
for this reason i suggest you to drop the burning nodes for the Explosive impact cluster, also why are you picking resolute technique?
last suggestion is to pick some jewel sockets because from what i have seen they are really OP

i'm wondering, why dont you just go full firestorm, it does more damage then your disharge.

It's a AOE skill anyway so clearspeed will stay the same if you ask me.

also why are you picking resolute technique?

RT is very good for this build, because if i crit a thornflesh pack i would take too much damage.
IGN: SirSwift
IGN: SirSwift

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