[2.0 HC/SC] Wolder's Blood Magic Burning Discharger Scion/Templar

pretty fun build though i did some change to get some more tankyness into it.

i'm running a similar tree like the one someone else posted here with more strenght nodes than intelligence and took a strong focus on armour increase.

because i'm lacking of some damage nodes i play with Iron Will in my searing touch instead of increased AoE on 5L.

At Lv 81 my tree looks like this:

I picked unyielding after realising that i get too much damage while getting close to mobs and often found myself in a stunlock. Haven't died before that respec (only death's due to lags) but i wanted that little bit more safety anyways.

the next goal would be fire damage nodes (Heart of Flame instead of Breath of Flames), followed by 2 jewel sockets if i get that far. Finally Juggernaut and more damage nodes after that (well... at least it's the plan... let's see how far i really will get with this char).

To get the build more tanky i used Geofri's Crest instead of Doedre's Scorn but soon switched to a rare helmet since the character felt to squishy nevertheless.

So i'm running the following gear at the moment:


this gear leaves me at 4,578 HP + 207 Energy Shield (so you could say 4,785 HP) and 6,636 Armour (40% without flasks and golem).
Well the ventor's could be switched for a rare ring for more health but hey... i found it lately and i like to run with it.

Still doing enough damage on 73 Maps but guess i need to get some more damage for higher maps now.
on the offense side my flameblast is at 1,6k avg dps and with 6 endurance/3 frenzy charges the discharge is at 12,6k dps

with this gear i'm relatively tanky so i can run around relatively safe and burn stuff to death! Let's see how i will do on higher maps :)

anyways: thanks for the build!
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Could this work on the upcoming 1m league as a starting build with little currency?
It DOES need rather little currency for what it does, but don't expect it to go all the way to T12+ maps or Atziri.
scroogetemplar / scroogewitch / scroogemarauder

Freezing Pulser (safe + affordable): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1529856
Awsome build mate, i just switched to Discharge in the Darkshrine hc leauge at 72 and i'm really enjoying it!

Keep up the good work.

Just switched to discharge at lvl 72 too, it's really fun.
When started playing this build, i had some big issues, maybe ist because of my lack of understanding of the build/game.
Temporal chains really ruins this build to me, charge regeneration is way to low (because warlords mark gets overwritten a lot) and i have to cast enduring cry all the time (what often kills me), had to take it out.
I really dont like the blood dance boots, they have a lot of downsides (Need for dex, with 3 frenzy charges max 29% walk Speed -> slower than 30% boots on average, lowers cast speed), why not take them out ad replace flamability with poachers mark? It would be quite a big dmg loss, but i think i will try it.
And finally i dont understand the whole cast when damage taken Setup, what is arctic breath supposed to do (except lowering cold damage from discharge)?
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