Warbands and Tempest Challenge Leagues

I_NO wrote:
I'm ready to fuck shit up and spend a lot of money of course.

Does this mean you're joining us in Tempest? :)

Any idea yet how you plan to incorporate the leagues into the game after they end? Will we still have a reliable way to grab the rumored exclusive drops?
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Warband league it is.
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Mirek Le Fou - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9i7i7LHmL0
Lore - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xydfHw6qrB0
Looking forward to the Tempest league, though I cannot help but wish the Warbands league was available in the HC variety. If they were both available in HC I would definitely play the latter. Oh well :) Tempest still sounds fantastic.
Very interesting!

This is the first time I'm really excited for both standard and hardcore leagues - good job. I'm gonna have to play both for sure. :)
Spinning all day long through the Tempest!
Will warbands appear in maps? Or are they bound to non endgame map content only
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This is so awesome. For once the hc league sounds even better than the sc one. Too bad there's no way to know which tempest are currently on maps. And does it affect maps as a whole or does it stick to a specific kind of map?
I get the hype but how fluid this tempest thing will be? Wont it slow down gameplay and just get ignored after about a day? I mean if your build isnt struggling with content i cant imagine it would be feasible to kite things into the tempest. According to the video the one buff we see lasts a whopping 5 seconds which is about 1/5 of what you would spend setting up the perfect positioning. I hope we get to see more of that mechanic maybe it isnt as bad as its made to look in the trailer and description.
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Tempest sounds amazing, the only thing of what I'm not 100% convinced are the tempests in maps, it would be so boring to check reddit / dedicated new web site every hour to check the tempests position; it would be 10000 times better to find a solution in game, just my opinion!
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Really looking forward to the Warbands league - it looks amazing! And with lockstep coming I might even give Tempest a shot as well.

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