Warbands and Tempest Challenge Leagues

Can someone tell me what mean number of dots on the zone when looking at map? Some have 2, some 4, also some have red thing above the zone circle. I was checking patch notes but could not find what this mean.

The kind of icon indicates which clan is in the area, the number of dots indicates how much of a presence they have there (how many are likely to spawn, and which ranks you can get).
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I'm very disappointing in these challenges this season. I have had countless errors saying "CAN NOT CONNECT TO ACHIEVEMENTS SERVER" after killing a uniq monster for challenges required. 18 times to be exact! So kinda unfair now.

Second thing really bugs me with all challenges this league is How people are putting stupidly high currency tags on items required for them to be completed. I don't see how a person that plays even 10 hours a day! can pay 1-5 exalts for each card in a set of 8-12 cards needed to get all quests. sadly almost 10 sets cards are being priced like that.

Warband items you need to id for challenges are priced at like 5 exalts and almost never drop in games.

Jesus just to get all uniq jewel quest cost me 697 chaos orbs....... Still need one more so damn high priced 1-5 exalts for last 6 on list 1 to buy it's just not fair! Sad really i play all time pretty much and i can not do it so cant see how a person even plays less can!

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