Warbands and Tempest Challenge Leagues

ephixa wrote:
I'm so happy I could cry

I have to cry to fake a moratl-type disease to no-life 18h per day for the first 10 days, any disease suggestion?
i would like to know how long these leagues last
as theres tons and tons of new things to try out it would be good if they last longer than 3 months
Great ideas for the leagues. It's always nice to see npc AI improvements.
I really hope this gets implemented in ST/HC perm leagues later on. The combination would be fun (and difficult) as hell.

Also: can't wait for rhoa+ diamond shrine+ some kind of damage tempest QQ.


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Warbands is like a toned down version of Exiles Everywhere.
And i loved this event, so it will be interesting to see how well the group-AI will work (or not work).
Alysma wrote:
Oh wow - both leagues sound amazing :-D

yup idk what league play :<
gandhar0 wrote:
Warbands is like a toned down version of Exiles Everywhere.
And i loved this event, so it will be interesting to see how well the group-AI will work (or not work).

Judging from Chris' post,
Warbands is the standard challenge league, where death is not permanent, so we've been able to balance the encounters to be challenging and the rewards to be worth it.

, these warbands can easily turn to be the original Arena trio after last wipe.

It can also turn out to be snooze fest when these NPCs are too slow or too soft.

The quote also suggests that these encounters should be rewarding but I'm skeptical about this since I have first-hand experience with what GGG consideres as rewarding in beta mapping. Simply said, dont get your hopes up.
oRieLLi wrote:
Tempest sounds amazing, the only thing of what I'm not 100% convinced are the tempests in maps, it would be so boring to check reddit / dedicated new web site every hour to check the tempests position; it would be 10000 times better to find a solution in game, just my opinion!

yea i hope there will be another solution, and you HAVE to look^^
imagine joining 80s and trying coutryard bosses, realising the tempest mod is culling strike
or whatever dangerous

hey GGG,

Tempest sound like a great tech to include special in game events like Halloween or xmas.... just saying.
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Qarl wrote:
diablofdb wrote:
these leagues sound amazing and I have a question about them. Are they made to be added to the core gameplay after the leagues are over? and for how long they will last?

We like to see how a league plays out before we answer that question.

The immediate tech payoff for us from Warbands is enhanced AI options. A lot of work was put into improving the AI, and the options a designer can use on a monster or pack (using the pack tech that bloodlines gave us).

Aside from the tempests themselves, Tempest came with tech for affecting world areas universally (also used in Warbands). Tempest will also give us some potential cool map mods for the future.

Well thank you for the answer, I'm really looking forward theses leagues because of their unique aspect that can affect specific areas at certain time. I do not think something like that was done before in this game. Having the idea of watching the weather and the report of groups of bandits before going outside can be interesting and add something fresh to the game.

Also I've alway thought Wraeclast was a dangerous and unfriendly place that could kill you easily. Now mother nature will do her worst and that's a great thing.
if Warbands move to standard the actual incentive of killing them will be gone tho
they drop league-specific item, and thus they will drop "nothing" in standard

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