State of the Beta - Post #7 (Beta Patch and Wipe)

RIP Apep's Rage???

Seems like with the new changes it will have nothing to offer over a good rare with flat chaos added (or any other preferred element).
Why Vaal Pact now is between shadow and ranger? For the life leech rate nodes? Really?
Poor Mara now he lost also vaal pact :D
I just don't understand why nerf the weaker skills like fire nova mine, and then buff stronger skill like arc...
Guys, the number of issues will go down faster as time passes.
Most of those are probably just waiting for beta data.
I.e. "Unique xyz seems overpowered. Check data to confirm."

Or: "Artist B slacking. Needs to submit 20 div card artworks."

And, of course: "Out of coffee. Do the laundry. Buy Jenny a bday present."
Avert thy gaze, child!

IGN: Shadowrope

Standard Warrior
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why in hell do they nerf ball lightning?
Very nice work Carl! You and your help are doing an AWESOME JOB !!!
im wondering...what is the exact time of patch new patch?

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