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bb650427 wrote:
1.3 249% VS 2.0 258% LOL
2.5% more damage. such gambreaking.
bb650427 wrote:
cant see any sense here except something we dont know
Just like Incinerate going to 10%. Something we didn't know. And the Rustic recipe nerf. That one we just learned in this thread. Patience.

And there is something we know. Max monster level just jumped a few levels and everything has more life.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
Great work, I love these
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
ok, this confirms it: i quit.
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So, harder to make T1 items but easier to divine, I like it.
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Qarl wrote:
  • Runic - 75 to 79% (one handed), 111 to 115% (staff) Spell Damage (84)
  • Lich's - 35 to 39% (one handed), 51 to 55% (staff) Spell Damage % and 26 to 28 Mana (80)

Those 2 lines irritate me a little bit:
Rare Staffs have never been popular for casters, and this is another small change for making staffs definitely worse compared to one-hand for spell-dmg.

  • Runic - 75 to 79% (one handed), 111 to 119% (staff) Spell Damage (84)
  • Lich's - 35 to 39% (one handed), 51 to 59% (staff) Spell Damage % and 26 to 28 Mana (80)

Staffs are 2h weapons, so their values should be increased by a higher amount than those of one-hand-mods. If the one-hand mod is being increased by a certain flat amount, then the flat value for the 2h-mod should be higher than that.

Sure 2h-weapons offer you the possibility of another 6-link, but giving them 50% higher spell dmg mods should be the least for them, so they are somewhat able to compete with one-hands.
79*1.5 = 118.5 -> rounded to 119
39*1.5 = 58.5 -> rounded to 59

tl;dr: buff spell dmg on staffs, so they have 50% more spelldmg than a one-hand!
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wait its not 1of april... this cant be speechless!!

Never had or will own a mirror but i craft since about 2year on my chest wich now will ofc still be good, but they make my t1 stats i worked for so hard to t2 wich i dont understand why they would do something like this.

This is one change to much imo. I couldnt understand alot of changes in the past.

This one makes me realy sad and angry.

big - for this !!
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Cool, we were expecting this.

One little question though, getting Tyrannical was really hard in 1.3, how hard it is to get Merciless now?

There is only 10% difference but I assume it's gonna much harder to get? Doesn't really seem to change anything for the average Joe, seems like it's gonna kill the current Mirror market though.
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Will master mods stay the same or also be increased to match the current "% from t1"? That is, before Vagan could craft up to 79% increased physical damage, which is 47% of top tyrannical, but only 44% of top Merciless, where 84% would be 47% of the new t1. I know this example shows that it's no huge, but I'm just curious as to whether or not we'll see a change.
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Qarl, can you confirm if this will be added in with the next patch on tuesday?
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robmafia wrote:
ok, this confirms it: i quit.

Finally :P

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