Item Affix Changes

Sure, why not buff bow even more?

Sure, game is unbalanced, lets nerf everything. Now lets do better mirroed items.

Then listen to everyone cry again.

Thats - absolutely - not the way to go. It's pretty awkward because you own the game and sometimes it just feel that you cant predict what will happen.

Do you think that everyone which have mirroed gear that are complaining about OP builds? It's not, they buy the mirroed gear to build the OP builds.

Do you know how broken a TS well geared user perfom? Do you know that bow users dont use low life? Do you know that bow user usually run max 3 auras and dont even care about running more?

I see what you are doing there, but its just plain obvious that it will not work and people will complain even more. Theres plenty bow skill that can perfom very well, you cant nerf all of them, and theres more than one way to have good gear, you can stack physical or elemental or +level gems and use EA or PA, you cant nerf all methods either.

I hope you realize that dont matter how much more you nerf low life, bows will reign.

Sure, melee will perfom better, a lot of people will use melee and feel a bit better for it. You know until then? I tell you, it's simple, until they get a decent level, go do maps in party and could not reach a single mob before a tornado shot kills everything.

Then all this melee mass will come after you complaining.
About 2.6% More damage for the best phys rolls. Y'all can calm down now.

Seems we're living in interesting times.
Where is Glyphic?
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silenciaco wrote:
Where is Glyphic?

Runic is the tier above Glyphic, its in the top list.

Glyph Mark rip, mirror service rip, nice! Welcome new mirror service, cool!
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Jafdeath wrote:
Glyph Mark rip, mirror service rip, nice!

Why do you think that?

Who owns glyph mark:
- Will perfom all the content better;
- Still can do Uber better;
- Continue to sell atziri acuity.

I bet that in less than a month AXN will have the almost new perfect bow, then who owns a glyph mark can mirror the new bow, it's simple ^^v

Time to rework eternal and mirrors?

It would be a fun time to do so.
Add a Forsaken Masters questline
Rip old mirrored items! Wow that cast speed..
Remove mirrors from game YAY :P
Just change mechanic that mirror cant be used now and change mirror recipe that it give now some nice amount of eternals and all will be happy :P

Or change that item can be mirrored only once :P

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any chance we will see affix displays on items be easily identifiable as prefix/suffix? Maybe a physical separation or a color distinction of the text?

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