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Completed 30 ChallengesNephalim wrote:
Does this potentially block rare items that chromatic colors but would otherwise not be blocked?

#Chromatic Orb Recipe / Lower font size for large RGBs
Hide #Misc - Chromatic Orb Recipe - ~Rare - 4x1
SocketGroup RGB
Rarity Rare
Height 4
Width 1
SetBorderColor 27 162 155 205 #Chromatic Orb Recipe
Hide #Misc - Chromatic Orb Recipe - ~Rare - 3x1
SocketGroup RGB
Rarity Rare
Height 3
Width 1
SetBorderColor 27 162 155 205 #Chromatic Orb Recipe
Hide #Misc - Chromatic Orb Recipe - ~Rare - 2x2
SocketGroup RGB
Rarity Rare
SetBorderColor 27 162 155 205 #Chromatic Orb Recipe
Height 2
Width 2
Hide #Misc - Chromatic Orb Recipe - ~Rare - Large
SocketGroup RGB
Rarity Rare
SetBorderColor 27 162 155 205 #Chromatic Orb Recipe - Large
SetFontSize 28

Yes, it does. That's why the section is located further down in the filter, as most of the important stuff is handled in the earlier sections. So what would be hidden is stuff for chaos/regal recipe, without any highlighting of its own. That's usually the rares I start hiding first when I play in a group.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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I got a few questions about filtering of certain Items I'm very confused about. For 'time played'-standards of PoE I would consider me a newcomer so please bare with me on this one.

1) I would like to not show any flask (besides 'unique') with quality lower than 5. All of them. No exceptions. How can I do this? I tried the toggles at the beginning of the filter. I does nothing. Probably doing it wrong...
i.e, # Show #Flasks - Progression - Life/Mana - Sanctified se >>> # Hide #Flasks - Progression - Life/Mana - Sanctified
still shows those damn flasks!

For 2), 3), and 4) I would like to apply this in addition to the implemented system of this filter list. So the 'rare' and 'unique' variations are still shown the usual way. Only 'normal' and 'magic' type should be influenced. Also the rules for links and sockets should not be changed from the existing ones (I would assume there is a loading order?).

2) I'd like to hide ALL weapons except sceptres of the base type 'Void Sceptre' and 'Opal Sceptre' with the implicit mod "increased elemental damage" of 40 AND of base type 'Sambar Sceptre'. Item-level doesn't matter. How can I do this?

3) I'd like to hide all rings, amulets, and belts with less then their respective max implicit mod. i.e. hide all amethyst rings with less then 13% chaos resistance or hide all gold chains with less then 20% increased rarity of items found. This I'd like to be a rule 'till item-level of 80 or higher. (I wouldn't mind changing this back manually after I reach consistent level 80 maps.) How can I do this?

4) similarly to 3) for shields I would like to show only the specific base type "Harmonic Spirit Shield" with exactly 15% increased spell damage implicit mod. How can I do this?

For the understanding of code: I do programming work myself (with Fortran, not much scripting). Already figured out some other stuff I changed but I guess these ones are rather tricky.
I don't mind writing repetitive lines of code if this is the key to success here.

I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks a lot in advance!
Love the filter.

However, there are a few holes I would love to see patched:

1) Quivers: I turned off all the progression stuff, and found out that Normal Quivers still show up at low levels. This is because there isn't a block for them in the progression section like there is for everything else. I had to add this manually.

2) Amulets, Rings, Belts: Ditto for low level normal/magic stuff I don't want to look at.

3) I'd like to not see flasks for quality UNLESS they're 20%. Ditto for anything else but maps and skill gems. So I manually put in a 20% section near the start which highlights ANYTHING that is 20% quality, then turned off the flasks and all the quality weapon/armor sections.

I think that the flasks should be added to the quality recipe toggle.
Future feature to consider:

It would be nice to have hidden items make no sound. This is doable with your current setup and the toggles as follows.

First, take your set of WAV files and make two copies for each one:

CurrentNameShow.wav is the original sound.
CurrentNameHide.Wav is a blank silent wave file.

Now, take every category and add a sound section to it with CurretNameShow as the sound file name.

Then, put the comment for the block behind that line as well.

Then, when people do the S&R on Show # (stuff) to Hide # (stuff), it will also change the sound lines as well as the top line.

Thus, anything that gets toggled to hidden goes silent too.

Edit: Unfortunately, this won't mute the game's default drop sound. Tested it. :(
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Great filter. However it has some problems. Rich version still includes sounds on drop low tier maps and trash currency. Is it normal?
Additional versions are currently being created by using the toggles that come with the default version (see customization section for an in-depth explanation).
That way it's fairly easy to create new versions, but also limited in the way that the item block itself can't be easily modified (such as disabling the default in-game drop sound that certain items have).

I'm working on another way to create the filter and its sub-versions that will allow for these kinds of modifications (and more), but unfortunately I still haven't found the necessary time to finish the new build system.

Once it's done a neat side effect will be that the "input files" will be publicly accessible so it should be easier to contribute (e.g. through github) and potentially even possible to create a set of personal input files that result in a custom filter.

I don't think it will be finished by the time 3.5.0 goes live, but when the league starts, my vacation for the rest of the year does as well :)
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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