Five Day Solo Event (Hardcore)

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

This is a solo event:
  • You cannot trade or party with other players.
  • The guild stash is not available in this league.

This is a hardcore event. Death eliminates you from the league. There is also a standard version available.

The top 35 living players by experience will receive Closed Beta Access at the end of the event.

All players who are alive at level 70 or higher at the end of the event will go into a pool. 25 accounts from this pool will receive Closed Beta access at the end of the event. You may only enter this event with one account. You may start a new character if yours dies though.
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Let's do this!
ProjectPT was right.
Why is the race to late in the weekend? Saturday 10 PM CEST is so bad. Please start it like 1 day earlier xD

Praise Chris
Nice! Any rewards except CBT keys? :D
No need to participate then, the usual racers will get a free beta key.
Will people already in the beta be getting another key? Or would it just get passed down?
my body is ready
Cant wait! :)
We have this thing in Finland called "Reilu Meininki"
If there are less than 25 templars/witches in top 35 I'll be super shocked...

Why not raffle for reaching lvl 70/80?

Why not keys for top 5 class?

Why would you start a 5 day event, when the weekend is almost over?
How is anyone going to compete like that.
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