New Skill Development - Part 1

Looks interesting !

I hope the duration of this cry will be long enough to promote self casting it.
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Will the new warcrys share cooldown with enduring cry?
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okay but wheres the PvP Season2 schedule?
Sounds great until you realize the game has CWDT. Whoops. Check brain at door, please.

The key (hint hint GGG), is to make the damage bonus something that we will want to level up, so probably flat based. Another thing is to have the duration of the buff akin to enduring cry in that regular duration modifiers do not help and the only way to get more time from it is to level it up.
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Act 4 Hype!
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What about a skill gem that determines how many enemies are nearby and provides one second of no desync per nearby enemy?

op i know.

IE: The problem with melee is not adding 500 more skill gems...its removing desyncs.
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Could you make it (and enduring cry) actually work?Like actually taunt monsters?

The aggro lasts about .01 seconds. The monsters tend to look at whatever is taunting them, then reset and continue doing whatever. At the moment enduring cry is just to generate endurance charges.. that's it.

It'd also be nice for the skills to be able to interrupt spell casters - making fighting necromancers a lot more fun. You could interrupt their spamming raise dead and force them to fight you for a few seconds. Same goes for the Gulls - you could interrupt their corpse eating to have an easier fight if you time it right.

I like the idea of this though. If you're a tanky caster, you could ignore the forced clarity gem and instead run this, for more base mana or room for another aura instead. Depends on how good it is of course.
PvP Season 2 start date?
Oh boy, something else to slap onto my cwdt chain. As if I wasn't already completely starved for gem space.
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