New Skill Development - Part 1

I don't know if this is suggested somewhere in here,

but warcries shouldn't have a cast time, i'm pretty sure you're able to yell some things while hitting someone

EDIT: or should have a cast time, but you should be able to cast it while you hit the faggits

The what???

Legatus1982 wrote:
Nice utility skill, but please do not consider only STR melee when looking at "close-combat focus". I just might bash my face through a wall if act 4 comes out and melee is made superior, except for the classes I'd want to use (shadow mainly).

Warcries could be white gems. If they get support gems, they still could be green and red.

The Sirus fight is a disgrace.
Lucid_ wrote:
Could you make it (and enduring cry) actually work?Like actually taunt monsters?

The aggro lasts about .01 seconds. The monsters tend to look at whatever is taunting them, then reset and continue doing whatever. At the moment enduring cry is just to generate endurance charges.. that's it.

I didn't even remember that enduring cry is supposed to be a taunt. I mean, it's probably in the description but in reality it's just used as a skill that you use when things get dangerous, so basically it's mostly used for those situations where a taunt is about the last thing you'd want...
Melee defences are very weak when you comparing with range builds. We all know armor isnt effective against big hits.

Ive tryed many times to make a melee MoM build with Battle Rouse but it isnt effective because you have to invest so many talent points on mana regen and all the way up for EB cause we all know you cant have much mana unreserved without EB to support MoM and in the end you luck dps. If you decide to increase your dps you can do it only with Abyssus and in HC there is no way to use that unique cause of the deadly drawback.

Then if you decide to drop MoM to increase your dps you will stay with EB and AA and that is straight a non MoM build , but , isnt just better to drop EB and AA too to take Acro/Phase Acro? Ofc it is and its more viable defence with much less talent invest plus you will have more dps.

So what we have here as results. Armor doesnt help you against big hits, MoM isnt viable so the only options we have as melee characters is Acro/Phase Acro. Without Acro we are just naked to all dmg.

Casters can have much more mana regen EB AA MOM from CoD (defences) and far superior dps (dont forget RF spell dmg boost) than a melee class. Point investment in dmg nodes for casters is way less than a melee character.

Not to mention BM passive which makes you even more valnurable cause you dont have your mana pool to increase your defences through auras.

These are fact that need to be taken seriously and are open options for more uniques/skills.

What if you create a unique that allow BM passive to have our mana pool. Auras will open on your health but you can actually use MoM and Battle Rouse without needing to travel all the way up to EB. We could invest to mana/mana regen and have dps. Edit: Mana cannot be used for other activities such a skill use , auras or AA.

What if you create an aura skill to slow and reduce attack speed/cast speed or even just slow enemies and give bonus to physical dmg on slowed enemies. Similar to RF but for melee. Or a Warcry buff like Blood Rage that increase your physical dmg.

There is a lot of room to improve melee dmg and defence. Another thought is to reduce the drawback of Abyssus so HC players can use it too or increase the effectiveness of Armor.

At this moment melee real defence is Acro/Phase Acro because Dodge/Evasion is far more effective than Armor and if you say "you have Immortal Call dude!" all i can say Immortal Call is mandatory for all builds its a standard 4red linked combination that everyone use. Its all the above plus the Immortal Call. I would like to see alternatives. The slow/reduce attack/cast speed aura could easily replace immortal call plus i could keep my endurance charges.

Create skills that consume Frenzy charges like immortal call for additional Dodge/Spell dodge , Power charges for additional Crit Multiplier.

I am sure you can come up with better things , i think i already gave you some food for thoughts. Its all about having options than having mandatory combinations.

Another thing i dont get is why axes dont have crit nodes?
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I dont see more build whit claw , claw is not more good item ? Need rework ?
Removing its 'cast' flag would be a boon to melee non-casters. I would no longer be forced to run faster cast or spell echo.

However, if you are on the fence about removing that functionality, you could always make a vendor recipe to allow a cast version of it, but with a longer cast time then the non-cast version. This would no-longer break the any of the current builds. Just give it a higher mana cost, and a moderate cast time.
GGG: The idea is great. Could you add a feature that would
be good against bosses where the player will often be in a single
or limited target situation but very serious danger?

something that would effect a boss disproportionately than
a trash mob. this is somewhat mitigated already, as many boss
battles have spawning mobs you can use repeatedly.

I know what i'm gonna build :D

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