New Skill Development - Part 1

u will have to change enduring cry description a bit :)
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Sounds cool. Maybe you have some Dexterity buffs for melee too? ;3

Str is already quite good in general, not that I mind it getting better!
My only wish is an ongoing taunt effect, not a cast that taunts for less than a second and then enters cooldown.

I love these kind of posts! GGG proven awesome once again
Can we talk about the damage of Poison Arrow being increased to be as competitive as other builds?

I feel that it can be sluggish when in group play compared to the damage of low-budget builds, where PA builds can cost upwards of 5 exalts (Drillneck is a requirement, for example, and a +3 bow).

Update 1.3.0 allows the PA to damage totems, excellent, but what about overall damage?
I'll be interested in seeing if the taunt actually and noticeably works. Right now, Enduring Cry's taunt is only slightly more effective than 'chance to flee', or as I call it, 'chance to saunter away for a bit, look stupid, then rush back to a delayed demise'.

I wouldn't be entirely gutted if you made a Devil May skill in this line.

Finally, and most importantly, since you mentioned these would be level 34 skills and positioned as act 4 rewards, can we expect a skill reward/quest reward rejiggering with 1.4? Because right now it's a bloody mess. It really is. You're offering useless gems as far as Merciless (when most people have all the active gems they need, but not enough support options), curious double-ups and strangely bad choices early on (where a basic build, following the class' strengths, has to choose between two integral active gems). As far as I can tell, the Duelist is never offered Reduced Mana, and as you add more skills, they're often only offered with one quest, while plenty of older skills just keep damn turning up.

Pretty sure duelist gets rm for cruel medicine chest. There was a patch at some point where they added rm at least once for all classes. 1.2 maybe?

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Make sure to give cool sound effects to the War Crys! Like the bos in Diablo 2. I can understand that hiring Voice Actors is expensive but at least give it a cooler sound like the current enduring cry one.
I don't really see warcries as a particularly massive change to the way people are going to play the game. I mean, I'm glad you guys are trying to make new content but as stated already taunt doesn't work and at the end of the day it's just going to be a CwDT buff.

I did like the totem part though. What if you have a totem that increases your and its defense the closer you and it are to an enemy as well as by by the amount of enemies around? It would encourage you to place the totem in packs of monsters and then join up with it.

Anyway, warcries could be good for non-low-life support builds (if any still exist).

Just not very exciting to me though. *shrug*
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can we expect a skill reward/quest reward rejiggering with 1.4? Because right now it's a bloody mess. It really is.

This. It should've really been done with act3x. We're getting our key skills in cruel, and level 31 gems at level 40. Some gems only show up ONCE or twice, even though they're pretty basic spells (arc), and always at key quests (normal intruders, normal lost in love)- witch gets a choice of damnations when building summoner.

Also flasks didn't change (giant and colossal are still 3 levels apart)
Been waiting for more shouts for over a year now! Diablo had an entire tree dedicated to shouts (and a few totems) and wouldn't mind several of those being imported to PoE.

Armor/resist shouts? +1 gems shouts? Damage/AoE knockback/stun shouts? These were all hugely popular in D2 for good reason.
can it really Taunts?

Enduring cry taunts as much as a butterfly

also, can you fix broken skills before making new ones

and to finish, WTG! XD
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