Race Season Ten Prizes, Patch 1.3.0k and Cheating

The top 20 players by Season Points in Race Season Ten were: shashk0, theoryofipcus, Whirlwarian, passofexhale, Helman, terrex, pouu, grindis123, Tolerancece, mardukthewolf, kyuzoudono, jstq, blindHORNET, cwu, Morsexier, Fightgarr, Mirato, Robit, oreoresama and boof.
The Signature Race Marauder winners were: Helman, cwu and boof.
The Signature Race Witch winners were: Throzz, cwu and FrAgGy.
The Signature Race Ranger winners were: cwu, terrex and cobaIt.
The Signature Race Duelist winners were: Helman, cwu and Fightgarr.
The Signature Race Templar winners were: Throzz, lPeeps and FrAgGy.
The Signature Race Shadow winners were: Throzz, ZoRoXo and cwu.
The Signature Race Scion winners were: FrAgGy, Throzz and ZoRoXo.

Users who ran cheating software such as maphacks have not been awarded Alternate Art Demigod's Eyes.

Today, 3912 users will see the following screen when they log in to Path of Exile:

There will be no further warnings. All incidents that didn't result in bans before this post have been treated as warnings, but from this point forward we will close accounts that run cheating software.

Many people have asked us to clarify our stance on what people are allowed to run. The list is pretty much this:
  • Single-action hotkeys (like an alt+f4 macro)
  • Tools that don't require the client to be running, like Procurement

We don't want to hear "I was only running the tool for QOL improvements". If you got the warning, you had the maphack turned on (or worse). Frequently requested quality of life issues will be addressed, don't worry!
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anticheat hype
Super happy to see this.

Cool of you to give a warning when you didn't have to.
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Death to cheating <3
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bring doom to the cheaters! <3
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I am in awe and full of happiness.
Grats to the winners! I love watching helman. Glad to see there was some progress on the cheaters! AntiCheat HYPE!
On my command, unleash hell.
down with the cheaters!
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GGG is super lenient.
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