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Do the changes to IIQ apply to Standard, meaning is there a point to using IIQ in standard anymore?
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Posting this here so it exists. So far as I'm aware, this list should be up-to-date.

Base Radius of Skills:
Auras (base radius at level 1): 36
Arctic Breath (explosion on impact): Explosion radius is 7, Ice placement radius is 14
Cleave: 20.
Cold Snap: 15
Curses (base radius at level 1): 16
Cyclone: Uses range of weapon, also measures from edge of player rather than centre, like melee attacks:
  • Thrusting One Hand Sword 7
  • Two Hand Axe 7
  • One Hand Sword 6
  • Staff 6
  • Two Hand Mace 6
  • Two Hand Sword 6
  • Dagger 5
  • One Hand Axe 5
  • One Hand Mace 5
  • Claw 5
  • Sceptre 5
  • Unarmed 4
Desecrate: 12
Detonate Dead: 16
Discharge: 30
Enduring Cry: 60
Explosive Arrow (base radius at 1 arrow): 15
Fire Trap: 15
Fireball (explosion on impact): 8
Firestorm: Base radius of storm is 18, radius of individual explosions is 9
Flameblast: 5, +2 per cast
Freeze Mine: 16
Ground Slam: 35
Ice Nova: 30
Ice Shot: Damage code 22, ground ice 8
Infernal Blow: 15
Leap Slam: 15
Lightning Arrow: 16
Lightning Warp: 16
Melee Splash: 14
Molten Shell: 15
Offerings: (range for consuming extra corpses) 20
Poison Arrow (cloud radius): 20
Rain of Arrows: 18
Reave: 12
Righteous Fire: 10
Shock Nova: Outer radius 26, inner 14
Shockwave Totem: 20
Smoke Mine: 10
Storm Call: 14
Sweep: 20
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Thanks mark,
This is great info, especially for the New ST skill
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Mark_GGG wrote:
-important stuff-
odd question but i noticed RF has radius of 10. what is size of character then? it feels like a 6 but might be a 4, would be important to know for cyclone and even players not really using AoE/cyclone at all.
Character radius is 2
Thank you so much! I've wanted to know skill radiuses forever. A few things were missed that might be helpful:

Radius of effect on items (Leer Cast)
Freeze Mine
Ice Shot cone?
Melee Splash AOE
Smoke Mine
Cold Snap

Also, how does radius AOE work for something like ground slam? It's visually hard to tell the shape of these things, so it seems to me Ground slam is more of a cone. Is it that cone that has radius 35? Then does increased AOE just affect the distance and not width?

Also, if I'm to understand this right, Cyclone is the only weapon AOE skill that uses your weapon's range? As such, getting Master of the Arena to increase weapon range wouldn't increase the AOE of something like Cleave at all?
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Why are staffs only 6? That doesn't make sense. They're huge. They're always the biggest range in these games. Please consider upping it to 7.
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Why are staffs only 6? That doesn't make sense. They're huge. They're always the biggest range in these games. Please consider upping it to 7.

That may be the case if you hold him with one hand at the end and swing it.
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Thank you for the list Mark.
One more question -- do the AOE radius bonuses have to round up to a whole number to be in effect, or will fractions matter as well?

For example, a 9% quality cyclone with a 2handed axe is at 7.63 radius,
does that mean its still 7, not enough AOE bonus,
or round up to 8 ?
or uses 7.63 ingame?

OR, since you said cyclone counts from edge of player, is an 2h axe cyclone with 9% quality actually at 9.81?

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