Let's talk about PvP

"...is good for everyone playing this free game..."
It is not free: someone has to pay for those who pay nothing.

"If you are thinking of block, that was already planned to be nerfed. It trivialized doing atziri."
Mmm. I know, lets nerf block, an action which will DESTROY the characters of thousands (or is that tens of thousands?) of people! Yay!
Or. Change Atziri (e.g. give her a scaled-% to bypass block.)
That is not a reason, it is an excuse: and I rather dislike being lied to.
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TheWretch wrote:
much appreciated, good read. I needed to hear some of this stuff.

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Thanks a lot for finally showing us the whole picture.
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So much hate for PvP - go slay some more dragons you dragon slayers.
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Good luck, have fun
Thank you Chris for trying to address this.

We aren't angry at you putting a portion of your team on PVP. We are angry that you totally ruined PVE balance to make it happen.

You neutered our main characters one to many times, this last time with the block chance changes, you made it so I threw 400 exalted orbs worth of gear to yet another character in my selection screen that won't be played.

As I'm sure you've seen from your population numbers, this wasn't a good idea. Pissing off the customers (like me who spent hundreds of a dollars on this game already) to the point where we aren't playing anymore isn't a smart move. I vote with my wallet, most people do these days because of how jaded they are from decades of experience with video game developers.

You will NEVER balance a PVE game with PVP in mind. It is NOT possible. Hundreds of developers before you have tried and failed. All you end up doing is being "meh" at two things instead of the previous "amazing" you were with the one thing, PVE.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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And as others have said in this thread...

If block chance was trivializing atziri, which mind you my decked our level 90+ character that was block speced couldn't do, then you took a SLEDGEHAMMER to the situation when all it took was a SCALPEL.

All you needed to do was give "boss" NPCs or anyone else in the "boss" NPC category an innate/passive ability to neutralize our characters block chance for that single fight.

You should have never, ever, ruined block chance throughout the whole game instead of just fixing one encounter.

And it's not like it was overpowered either. It took a massive amount of skill points that would have gone to health or DPS to make it happen. Their are dozens of character builds on your forums that totally trivialize the content through the 300k+ dps output. Some of us traded all that DPS in favor of defense.

Not to mention my character was evasion based... Have you ever playing a level 90 evasion based character without block? It was the only way to make it viable.

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I am still having fun still with the stupid nerfs GGG implemented in this sad 1.3.0 patch for stupid pvp, honestly I didn't donate for my money to be flushed down the pvp toilet was hoping more for act 4 or more content not for an ass clown pvp master and uber desync lame pvp, I can go back to Diablo 2 for that...You guys should have a vote PVE or PVP for this game its ridiculous you're taking a PVE made game and trying to make pvp to work which is hilarious I don't care what any of these stupid freeloading kids think honestly if you wanted to pvp go play battlefield or call of duty.IF YOU NEED SOME PVE INSPIRATION JUST LOOK TO BROTHERLAZ , hes amazing (median xl) endless amazing ideas hes been in the game modding forever. but until you stop wasting money on garbage pvp you officially lost a donater.
Our scheduled plan was that [...] PvP would reach a critical mass where you can always find a fun match on demand.

I'm sincerely looking forward to it!
Awesome stuff. I still REALLY want a perma cut-throat mode but im guessing that won't ever happen but atleast there is a good focus on PvP. I don't understand why people would worry about the game getting some attention that regard, as its just a new aspect that they might enjoy if the tried and it doesn't detract from there gameplay unless they choose to participate, as its optional.

Thanks GGG! Keep it up! And gimme my cut-throat! =D
Nice one, would like to try it for some time.
teacherpeter wrote:
xReo wrote:

For me, the introduction of more PvP elements into PoE is disappointing. It's a totally unnecessary, forced directive for the game and I find myself unsettled about the future of PoE and my interest in it.

And that may be true for you. But there have been people clamoring for a better PvP system in PoE since closed beta. Thankfully GGG doesn't only consider your opinions, or this would be an absolutely crappy game.

Thank God GGG are focusing on PVP so the 3 or 4 people who enjoys it can play.

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