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Hi all, here is the bulk work I've mentioned:


This is the list of all the popular mods (as per poe.trade).

I would greatly appreciate if anyone would update this document and add in the correct affix.

"#% increased Cast Speed":{affix:'x'},


"#% increased Cast Speed":{affix:'s'},

Where 's' means suffix. Base on the official website suffix list:

The google doc can be edited by anyone. Just in case that doc get's chaos spammed, try making a private copy.

We have some difficult mods where it can be a prefix or suffix because of hybrid affixes., this is gonna be a challenge. But for now, let's just ignore this and put in an affix.

Hopefully, someone expert on affixes can help me out update that google doc (or PM me). Later I'll update the forgotten-mod script to include these updates. So everyone can start enjoying this script (at least with popular mods).
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Hey bro, nice idea.

This list should help you out with both tiers and available mods.

You also have to take into account whats the item, since some mods are suffixes on some items while affixes on others. If i catch some time from work i'll help out with the coding.

Regarding the rarity affix, off the top of my head, check if there are 3 non rarity suffixes/prefixes and decide which one it is based on the result. If there aren't, just tag it as unknown or something. Sometimes there really just isn't a way to know. I also don't see an elegant way of handling recognition of low double iir rolls (ie 23% can be dragons/excavation or two lower rolls).
Needs brainstorming :P

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However, I actually do not have Chrome here.

You could try to use the portable version of 'Iron' to prove Chrome compatibility. (its based on the open sourcecode of chromium)
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Pretty cool stuff. Have a bump!
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@Mr_Cee, thanks for the suggestion. I do have Chrome here at home, that was at my workstation at work.

@All, version 0.3 is now up! It should now be working with Chrome ^^
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
You'll have to update your bookmarklet though, since the actual script is now hosted in Google Drive instead of Github ^^. Hopefully this would be the last time you'll have to update your bookmarklets.
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
v 0.4 up! see OP for details.
also, I've played around on what's a good formatting on the affix,


I am certainly not good on deciding what's the best one there, I've choosen the square brackets-bold.

Question, is poemods.com accurate?

@xNomadx, tbh, i'm not so good with affixes., I've only played this game for a short time.

I need to learn on those affixes, can anyone point me out a good reading on affixes?
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
Have you checked out the link i posted? (poemods)
Should have all the info you need :)
More goofing' around,

PS: if your gonna suggest other colors, you can give me the hex name of it, like from this website: http://www.color-hex.com/.
For symbols other than @ and &. Here are some other choices: http://www.w3schools.com/charsets/ref_html_symbols.asp

Well, back on to the main track.,
Just to write down my thoughts:
I'll need to write up all the facts.
For example:

+89 to maximum Life

is always a prefix.
I think most mods are like this, it's gonna be a prefix or suffix regardless of what item it is in. This one is gonna be easy to implement and we'll easily able to tell what Tier the mod is.

Based on updating the mods data I have right now for Forgotten Mods v0.4, seems like these mods are not that many. A good list of this mods would be handy. Although I've most of the popular mods working, I've worked on them hastily, it's better still better to write down the facts.

Next is Hybrid mods -- I'm gonna have to write all the hybrid mods, and for each of them, write the rules.

No other kind of mods right? Have I covered everything? Just these two groups? -- The Simple and the Hybrid?

Note that I've previously mentioned 800+ mods, however most them are probably from Unique items. Since there is no need to know if an affix from a unique item is a prefix/suffix, no need support them. (also, there's probably no way to know if "Elemental Resistances are Zero" is a pre/sufix?).
PoE-TradeMacro - https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro/
ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
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You can ignore all the affixes/mods that aren't listed on poemods (i think everything is covered there, someone correct me if i'm wrong). If they aren't listed there, they must be unique and as such you do not care what they are as you cannot craft another mod onto an unique item.
You still have the problem with hybrid mods though, for example an item can have x% inc phys dmg and +y to accuracy. It's a problem to determine whether the accuracy is a standalone suffix, or if x is actually (inc ipd + hybrid ipd) and the accu is a part of the hybrid ipd/accu prefix..

I honestly don't understand why ggg never provided a command for listing these details about items. I mean, now we can shove it into a master bench and figure it out but still...
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