[Tool] Forgotten Mods - v0.8.1 - New feature: Auto-generate Want-to-Buy private message

rinleezwins wrote:
But I just want a standalone plugin for my browser :(

This! Don't want no stinky java tool! :(
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rinleezwins wrote:
But I just want a standalone plugin for my browser :(

i second this motion as well, as a standalone, it has been a godsend.
so pls Manic, hear our pleas QQ

ExileTrade is nice and all, but let us have both options readily available :D
Really wish this was still working, was one of my favorite addons ever.
please... i need this :(
thanks to http://poe.xyz.is/
I found this:
chrome extension
EDIT: Realized my question was answered and no longer relevant anyway.
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Using this mode for 5 yesrs.
Any chance to get it work ? How can i fix thous ??? things ?
Or mb someone using som other semilar stuf ?

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