[3.11] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

What exactly do I need on a Dagger to outpace a Divinarius?
Why do you link Arcane Surge to your main skill?

The main modus operandi these days seems to be to link it to Flame Dash, which usually is enough to keep it up, freeing up another gem slot for Arc.
Hi, this is my first post here, I made 2 chars following your build, one on Betrayal and one on Synthesis, my char on Synthesis (Zuadona) is the most faithful to your build, she have a complete build with strong and expensive stuff, but i feel so squishy, i killed the Shaper guardians, but i had to ask help to kill Chimera and almost was unable to kill Hydra (killed on the last portal with almost no life).

I wanna ask if i have something wrong with my build, because i dont think i can kill Shaper.
The build is pretty squishy in fights such as chimera & minotaur especially. Those require additional setup such as different flasks & maybe using a very high HP chest instead of Inpulsa to do without a bunch of deaths. Especially Chimera as the burrow phases can get really brutal.

I had less issues with all bosses I downed this league than I had with effin' chimera. Several Red Elders, Shaper, Mastermind & Aul all downed without much deaths.

Chimera absolutely wrecks me, and if not for my good damage output I'd have no chance with that boss.
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Whoa--huge changes in the update, moving away from elemental overload, going back to life/mana for some reason?
What a great build. I've chosen it for my first playthrough of the game (synthesis ssf) and it worked like a charm through the acts. I don't like maps (yet?), but I wanted to give some feedback.

Personally, I liked storm brand much more than the lighting spire trap, a) for its lazy playstyle and b) for fast moving bosses, because it enables a safe playstyle for beginners like me. Since the build path is so generic, you have a lot of freedom what skills exactly to play with. Great!
Can you post your current gear?
Beacon of Ruin being nerfed now according to the latest balance updates.

"The Elementalist's Beacon of Ruin notable has been changed, no longer granting proliferation of elements, and with a lower value of minimum shock. The shock benefit provided too much power in combination with increases to shock effect, while the proliferation had significant effects on performance, regardless of whether it was being taken full advantage of. We'll be replacing or changing this and other sources of proliferation in the future."
You should check this shit out, Enki. Can't say much more. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2512662/page/1
Uff, that´s some REALLY SERIOUS nerf, they almost burnt the Witch!
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