[3.2] Cocotheone Righteous Fire - Life Build - 14k hp 4.3k hp reg 800k+ dps - Deathless Shaper

onomastikon wrote:
Why is this listed as a 3.2 build? Surely it will function but the OP hasn't updated anything...

I just asked myself the exact same thing.
Looks like he has a twitch stream linked. Seems like he just updated the title hoping to get more twitch views. Lazy...
what aura is on T slot? coz i have the same gems and i dont have these aura.
I am a little confused with this build.

Currently, my understanding is that I can't use it until level 70 - is that true?

It says to grab Ancestral Bond first, and use totems, but in the level 32 leveling tree guide, it doesn't give the Ancestral Bond, I don't think -- so I'm confused.

So, I would like to know how to get to 70 using this build - how should I proceed?


As of 3.2, the chieftain ascendancy node "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance" converts phys to fire, which makes your shield charge apply fire resistance to enemies, which is no good. Guess I'll have to switch.
As of 3.2, the chieftain ascendancy node "Ngamahu, Flame's Advance" converts phys to fire, which makes your shield charge apply fire resistance to enemies, which is no good. Guess I'll have to switch.

Or you can use brutallity to support shield charge. That is what im experimenting with at the moment.
This wont work for 3.2 as the ascendancy has changed
What’s the updated ascendancy tree looking like? Where should I go first?
This is viable in 3.2?
Awesome guide. I used this as a reference for my first try at RF marauder and it is great. Truly one of the few real budget builds. Kaom's Heart is the ONLY item I spent over 20 chaos on all the way until after Shaper when I was just spending for fun.

One thing I'm not sure about is this ascendancy tree with Ngamahu, Flame's Advance. You do not want this if you're using Elemental Equilibrium as it converts physical hits to fire damage, giving the enemy fire resistance. This is a mistake in the guide?

I suggest using a Scorching Ray spell totem along with Arohongui, Moon's Presence instead. The totem lets you stay mobile in boss fights and adds more defense and damage boost to your righteous fire.

I also suggest Blood of the Karui flasks. It was very cheap at the start of Bestiary (like 4c a flask, now I think they are around 10c) and the full life gain over 3 seconds is awesome when you have 10k+ life. The other flask that is really important is anything with shock removal. Just tack it onto one of your normal flasks (I have it on a Sulphur). Eradicator and Vinktar will destroy you if you let them stack shock on you as it cuts your life regen to nothing.

Guide should be updated for Bestiary. Craft Aspect of the Crab onto a piece of equipment. 20% more phys reduction is just too good. I run Crab, Purity of Fire, and Flammability (via Blasphemy). I have just enough mana left to comfortably Cyclone around.

I did not use Kaom's Roots as I think they are way way too slow for the marginal life boost. Rare boots with movement speed, life/strength, and resistance are a better choice. This also frees up sockets for a minion or a movement skill. I am lazy and prefer to be able to cross gaps so I put Lightning Warp and Culling Strike on my boots.

For pantheon I go with Solaris (the only real threat you'll face is getting double shot by the end-game bosses) and Ryslatha to recharge the life flasks during said boss battles. The other pantheons are kind of irrelevant as you don't hardly take any damage from mobs.

Other con I would list is:
Slow -- With only the Righteous Fire doing damage, boss fights take a moderate to long time. You have to be patient and outlast them. You will also fall behind on movement speed in most map parties, so don't pick this build if group mapping is important to you. That's about the only con.

This is a super low-stress build once you get it rolling. Uber-elder and Uber-atziri are still really hard fights for me, Shaper is moderate, Vaal Temple can be rough if it has harsh mods on it but otherwise it's not bad. Red Elder, Atziri, Guardians, Izaro, Bestiary Bosses, and everything else is easy mode.

I think Coco's DPS calculation is a bit high vs reality, but otherwise most everything in this guide is pretty much spot on. It is super tanky and allows for relaxed low-stress mapping all the way through T16s. It is viable in current patch and it is viable without legacy items. Just remember to adapt for your play as needed.

Thanks for the guide and good luck.
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