[3.2] Cocotheone Righteous Fire - Life Build - 14k hp 4.3k hp reg 800k+ dps - Deathless Shaper

For what do u using Frenzy? It's hard to trigger EE or Fortify because mobs dying fast, exept boses. But for example mobs from abyss can still kill u from range, i cant even hit them with frenzy (sometimes just mises). Fortify better link with shield charde for 100% trigg. Can u explain pls.
p/s sorry for my eng)
Pretty good build, but I did change some things, Kaom's Roots are great and all but I really don't like so many tight slots. Got a Hrimnor's Resolve for the damage boost and changed from shield charge to cyclone, got a defensive setup with molten shell and blade vortex. Never played RF before and it feels pretty good.
On the frenzy thing, it's not really necessary. It's complementary to things like shield charge for instance. It's for those who like a more active playstyle, it does no help you degen faster or better.

These things are usually needed only at high tier boss fights, when doing mapping for instance, you will not really see the benefit of constantly going frenzy mode and shield charging or cycloning against mobs that melt away pretty fast.

On the other hand, if you want movement speed and frenzy charges, you can replace kaom's boots, or whatever other boots, with the blood dance. It gives a chance to gain frenzy charges on kill, so it's not the best against boss fights, but it has decent movement speed bonuses+gives you some dexterity, and while having frenzy charges you gain decent life regen and+ to movement speed. I'm planning on trying that out later after I modify other stuff first. Or you can try and keep frenzy, and just activate it every now and again and the blood dance boots will benefit from frenzy charges, this in case you have no creeps in the vicinity to kill to gain frenzy charges from the boots themselves.

I will modify the build a bit, making it a dual curse one, that is why I will take the nodes later on towards whispers of doom, and then making an enlighten with blasphemy support with flammability perhaps and so on, but that is for later on since I've spent my entire stash of currency for a kaom's heart, I'm broke now....

Btw don't forget to have increased critical strikes gem linked with either cyclone or shield charge, elemental overload from the passive tree benefits from that and it's quite important when facing stronger enemies. The best combo in my opinion for either shield charge or cyclone is the skill that you chose+ increased critical+fortify+faster att or culling strike, culling is good against strong boss fights.
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Whats the lowest u can run the fire Res at?As I can only get a lvl 20 purity of fire Abyss
Hey I played a year ago using Niffler's Righteous Fire build, now my character has to reset all his points, I'm lvl 83, what would you suggest ?

By the way I used Niffler's as a base, but loved the Vaal Cyclone ability for the sake of beeing a black hole.
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I just specced into RF and having some serious problems with staying alive even tho i have 6.7k hp already etc. I feel very very squishy and im running only t1-2 maps rn. What am I doing wrong ?

E: Well ripped, gotta work on this i guess.
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Thank you for reviewing your RF build.

I have a few questions that I hope you can answer.

Is there a way so I can see how much DPS RF has? I have two different helmets I would like to compare DPS to.

I have a helmet with both 40% increased Righteous Fire Damage and 30% more elemental damage. unfortunately it does not have such good qualities. I would like to use a helmet with 40% increased RF while I have RF gem on gloves with 30% more elemental damage. Do I want to get the benefit from both?

Hi Again

I wrote Do I want to get the benefit from both? I meant Can I get the benefit from both?

I have one more question I hope you will answer.

You have over 4K HP reg. I have 1,5K. I cant see where you're HP Reg. come from. I have checked you're gear and Jewel but cant find it. we have the same Skills. so where do they come from?

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