[3.2] Cocotheone Righteous Fire - Life Build - 14k hp 4.3k hp reg 800k+ dps - Deathless Shaper

So, I decided to pick up a RF build this league, and found this guide to be one of the easier to follow. Very straight forward and clean. I decided to do a stupid thing and level with RF from level 20... which actually went over very well. 2x Kikazaru ring's, Springleaf, and Shaper's Seed gave me enough regen to level as long as I hit a health pot every few seconds. When I got stone golem it was just enough regen to nearly throw off the health pots. Later I added in a pair of Meginord's Vise gloves when I had enough strength, from this point on it was a very easy leveling experience using Brightbeak and shield charge. I would not suggest you do that on HC of course though.

As for the build, I made a few personal changes. I dropped double curse for a little mana reserve reduction on the tree to enable double aura and a curse without enlighten lvl 4, since I can't afford one. I mostly did this for preference for some increased attack speed towards shield charge by socketing them in Insanity essence gloves, moving the RF setup into a Delirium essence helm. I can also 4 link it to a fortify for some additional damage reduction.

Overall the build is going pretty well. Just hit 70, sitting at 7.2k life with about 1.5k regen. I still need to invest in better jewels and get a few important nodes I'm missing. Gear below for those curious... though nothing is anywhere near max. Just cheap junk with the bare minimum to make ends meet currently. Still saving up to invest into better gear.

Edit: Made a few additional changes for anyone curious about other options.
I respecced a bit to get the reduced mana reserve nodes by the life and chaos resist. Works perfectly for double aura one curse leaving me 7% unreserved for shield charge spam. Without using enlighten and after finally dropping my stone golem I can now run a cwdt + immortal call setup to fill out my gem slots. Once I did that the build instantly felt a bit better to me, fortify + cwdt setup give me a bit more free time at rough points for my regen to catch things up.
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Mic1961 wrote:

I have one more question I hope you will answer.

You have over 4K HP reg. I have 1,5K. I cant see where you're HP Reg. come from. I have checked you're gear and Jewel but cant find it. we have the same Skills. so where do they come from?

He has 4k HP reg with all buffs active, if you aren't taking it into account yet. Endurance charges and consecrated ground both give an increase in HP regen.
run the build in Abyss, works nice und is very meme.

thats my gear so far:

after the phoenix nerf i was thinking it whould be smart to switch on stronger regen und to buy a "5% leo craft shield" but i never gut that far. also gloves and amules are not realy what was hoping for and this and that :D

"don't worry GGG, it's ok!"
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Hey, I was wondering what the first thing is that I should Improve on my build.


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Why you postng those numbers with 1k Kaoms and legacy gear everywhere when its not viable for most people who playing temp leagues
which is better 30% more elemental damage to socketed gems in helm or 30% more damage over time in gloves?

Mindsmog wrote:
which is better 30% more elemental damage to socketed gems in helm or 30% more damage over time in gloves?


There the same damage some people will try and roll a ilvl 82+ elder helm to see if they can get an extra gem link eg burning damage etc. http://poeaffix.net/hm-ar.html you can check elder mods here.
Still seems quite viable in 3.2 bestiary even if not ridiculously buffed by ascendancy.
Does someone know how the new chieftain affects this build in detail?
Why is this listed as a 3.2 build? Surely it will function but the OP hasn't updated anything...
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