How PvP Tournament Season One Works

Chris wrote:

What about Challenge Leagues?
Season Two takes place in the Torment and Bloodlines challenge leagues! Start collecting your items now (well, next week).

i just want to clarify.

pvp season 1 will be standard + hardcore ONLY

pvp season 2 will be torment + bloodlines ONLY

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Boo, wading through 1-liners.

Ok, it was specifically stated that for season 2 that the equipment is drawn from the Torment League. What about season 1? Where is the equipment drawn from?

Also, as a "created" level 28 character, does the character get the equivalent of the passives and quest rewards he would have normally acquired if he had started from scratch? Basically, how many passives will he have?

Edit: Do you lose your gear for any of these PvP tournaments? And if so, please make it very clear!
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Chris wrote:
(As a secret reveal, we're actually working on having the PvP-only characters start off with some default basic items that can't be traded, so that they can be used even if you don't have a stash full of PvP stuff ready.)

May i then suggest a "preconstructed" gemset/gearset for each class, to ease casual players into pvp?

And how about having some of the S1 events be said preconstructed, levelling the playing field? A format where everyone is on equal footing would be very interesting for veterans as well.
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As long as people can use their PvE items, this is just going to bring along all of the issues people already have with PoE. It'll end up being a small crowd of people who play non-stop, and that's it, ultimately. You'll have the same people crafting level 28 bows with dozens of exalts, and the others who just buy gear with real money.

People already have PvE and ladders if they want to grind. PvP could be a seperate entity, it could be competitive. There could be a pool of items that can be used and that's it. That's the only way this is really going to be successful or fun for a large group of people, in my opinion anyway. Otherwise I feel like it'll eventually die out, with a small group of people playing in the end, after the initial hype wears off.

PvP is a great opportunity to give the crowd who wants skill-based playing (in the mechanical kind of sense) something to do, and also the people who don't have a lot of time to play. It also will keep PvP from feeding RMT even more. I think it could be a great boon to the game, but not if people can use their PvE gear.

Just my opinion. If you look at the majority of successful competitive multiplayer games, this is always the case (in terms of equalizing things, giving everyone the same pool of items or characters, etc). Some are not like this, but most seem to be.

I can see that it is a tough call though. I understand the reason for wanting people to be able to use their PvE items. I just don't know if it will end up being the best way to go.
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Chris wrote:

American and European Seasons
In order to have players playing on nearby servers, we have decided to run both American and European Tournament Seasons. Everything in this article can be assumed to run in duplicate across the two seasons/continents, including the final Season One Invitational Events. Tournaments will run at appropriate times for the timezone of their continents.

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srsly tho, thank you for that gg ggg good game
They've announced the first league and the rules. Sure, the first league is going to be a blood bath in favor of the huge collections and massive storage of the rich players and they should win out. However, there may be few "smart" dark horses.

This first league allows for the first time the gear that these namby pambies have collected through all the leagues. Let's just leave it at that; and if you want to change the rules to make it more fair, do it for season 2 and beyond. Season 1 is done and it's going to be grossly unfair; but, as I said before, let's wait and see.

As a matter of fact I hope to be one of those dark horses that takes those clunks down! And I've been working very hard to perfect my (secret) build to do just that. So, please don't nerf me.
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after season 2 all who participated in it should get some decent chars transferred to permanent leagues where they will be able to compete on a more even footing vs people who have been doing pvp for many months
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The matchmaking and ratings, will be for main characters as well or just lvl 28's?
I was sooooo hyped to hear that PoE was gonna finally be doing something with PvP, that I might finally be able to participate and check it out with more than the 0 people in queue everyday.

Then I came here through verious link's to find that basically the only people participating will be the people who have been collecting/crafting gear since Beta well over 2 years ago.

Instantly will not be attending any of it. All you have done is create an overpowered nerdfest of kid's who havent left their computer since Templar was released and are dying to use all of the gear that has been accumulated over multiple year's on a tournament vs a guy who just made a 28 fresh. Sound's pretty evenly matched right? Or how about the guy who made his lvl 28 character and has 28 skill point's vs the guy who got rushed through merciless and has every skill book in the game to boot.

Awesome idea, carried out HORRIBLY.

Force everyone to start fresh lvl 28 character's with your subpar gear and let em clash. Now you have a tournament based on the skill of the player vs their paid for/traded for items over the past year's.

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