How PvP Tournament Season One Works

Is there anything stopping people from dominating with legacy items like 1000% facebreakers?

No one even plays Facebreaker build in PvP because it's not a top tier build at all. Legacy FB shouldn't really be a worry unless you have a worse build than your opponent, lol.

I have one, but I've never even thought about using it.
Was it mentioned anywhere if there will be a way to stop gaining XP once a character is 28?
So the aussie pvp players have to connect to u.s server, so that puts us at a disadvantage with ping 300+ms instead of 20-50 ms. Hmm since pvp is realisticly a twitch based combat that increased ping could be the difference between to players of the same skill level. Maybe next time once au/nz server gets its own pvp tournament.
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Can you clarify the Free for All for lv 28 in Sarn Arena. Since lv 40 can join normal Sarn Arena too. It would be unfair if they join and kill every 28. Are they are allowed to come in Sarn arena at the time the tournament going? Or Every one can join as 40?

Is there any chance that you would change the level cap of normal Sarn Arena to 28, so it would be fair for everyone? Since in order to win 40 lv pvp character, we have to create new toon with new gear at lv 40 cap. But it would be waste of currency, cuz there is only a small amount of people really put effort in 40 lv.

Please united us all together at 28 cap in sarn arena, that would increases pvp players pools.
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Can't wait to try this :)

This should be fun since i never bother really doin PvPness héhé never gets old.

GG keep the good content comin! greatest game of all time hands down for me
Chris wrote:

What about Australia and other Countries outside of America and Europe?
PvP requires a certain population of players. We easily achieve this on the American and European servers, but the Australian servers are far smaller. For at least this first season, Australian players will play in the US events.
Yeah no. I'm not competing in pvp with 330 ping when there's points and rank on the line. Looks like I'll be skipping this outright.
SUCH HYPE. Really excited for this. We're in need of some new gameplay options, and the easy level 28 PVP gametypes are perfect.
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So um, about that level restriction (28), as you know you get skill points for doing side quests.

Dweller of the deep(normal) +1
The way forward(normal) +1
The Marooned Mariner(normal) +1
Deal with the Bandits(normal) +1

so assuming you have leveled a character yourself you should have a max 31(?) skill points.

Here is the tricky part what if i get a buddy of mine to blitz EVERY SINGLE skill quest in the game while i stay below level 28.

I'll end up having a huge advantage skill point wise vs players who didn't do this. (should we call it exploit?)

your thoughts about this, anyway to limit this as well?
Chris wrote:
ilenoc wrote:
Once it was told that GGG will allow players to create lvl 28 characters to participate in PvP events. How does level 28 characters obtain their items?

You can equip them with existing items.

(As a secret reveal, we're actually working on having the PvP-only characters start off with some default basic items that can't be traded, so that they can be used even if you don't have a stash full of PvP stuff ready.)

Still P2W. If you are going to give prices then you need make sure everyone is playing fair and has same opportunity. Expand your idea further and have players select all the gear that they might need for theyr builds. This gear can`t be traded or stashed, so can be used only in pvp. Then everyone is on equal ground. P2W competitive tournaments with "real" prices is not going to work. Think about it.
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