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Hi, I've also encountered the problem with a sold item in a non-existent stash tab showing up on poe.trade. The official trading site does not show the item, so it's only on poe.trade. The item is The Wise Oak unique flask. It was in my Uniques tab (currently titled-price 5 chaos Uniques). At the time, the tab's name was -price 1 chaos, and that is the name that will appear in the sale message. The sales message lists it at 3 chaos.
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I have been getting trade requests for my non-existing T7 Maps for a week now. Early in the league I was selling my low tier maps.
I right-clicked my Maptier folders to set a price on them. Somehow .trade does not realze that I do not hae those maps anymore. It is very annoying. Is there something that can be done about this?
I keep getting a 502 Bad Gateway when I try to search in Standard for 6 link swords.

the tab has been renamed and moved many times already, the item is some unique ring that people use to level - getting hammered by the messages constantly, making the PoE UNPLAYABLE

Why is this constant harassment with messages in PoE? Why is there an alternative trade site, which is not working properly?

GGG needs to step in and do something about their client. This thing with incessive messaging for non-existent item needs to be stopped, with the removal of entire poe.trade site if necessary.
+1 I have been getting trade requests for my non-existing Wanderlust
Wool Shoes for a week now.
so much spam .... ffs how fix it ? fix it some body ...
f poe.trade ...
For about 1 days now I've been getting messages about a bunch of poorjoys I listed. The thing is they sold over 24 hours ago. Every person who has messaged me has been using poe.trade and not the offical site. Looking up my account on the official site shows all my current listings and none of the poorjoys or other things I've sold. Looking it up on poe.trade still shows the poorjoys and a lot of other listings that have since sold. Its honestly getting really annoying and disruptive.
yesterday I wrote a letter to support@poe.trade
boots have been removed from this site's search today
thanks but my nerves got hurt...
I'm also getting asked about items that haven't been for sale for hours. Just reporting it, thanks for all your effort.
I got this problem too, people keep PMing me for item that sold a week ago, it never stop.
I messaged poexyzis to get my control.poe.trade.URL and i get no response. Tried 3 separate times in different days and nothing.

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