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your currency website lists

"~price 3/30 blacksmiths-Delirium-Orb" as normal whetstones, but it's the way the official site lists them.

same for chisels vs carto deli orbs and divines vs diviner deli orbs.

I cant authorize login, from control.poe.. its say Acces denied, its not write or Readable by server.... and no my profil its not on Private
hi, Live search broken,
fix please,
Thank you
I am getting spammed for a unique item that was listed and sold more than a day ago. Could you manually remove my listed item from your searches please?
Same problem here. Getting a lot of whispers since league start on an item that is not listed anymore, after 2 days. Very annoining. Please remove all my listed items!!!
Last edited by bladepc on May 16, 2022, 11:12:01 PM
how to fix i do disable "Set profile as private
but cant sell currency

The items I sold a few days ago keep getting pm.
It's so bad that it gets in the way of the game.
It's painful.
When I searched, the items sold at the beginning of the season were still on the list.
Is the list no longer updated?
If you're going to leave it as it is, just close the website.
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HELP !!!!

Item sold one week ago, still getting CONSTANT messages about it. Every few minutes, for hours and days.

It is not just one item, it seems the entire tab is bugged. I already removed public checkmark from it, unlisted it, renamed it, emptied it completely, moved to the end of the list - NOTHING WORKS.

Wrote GGG support - they are "third party website"


PS. This only happened since start of Sentinel league. Been working fine before
Same here, item sold last week and i'm still requested for trade.
In order to investigate this issue, please let me know the name of the tab and the name of the item you are having issues with.

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