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Did you refresh your codes recently? I just lost a bunch of bookmarked searched I had, whats going on? No they were not old, they've been visited.
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cant get my url from poexyzis can anyone help me?
Similar issues, Acquisition is updating the shop forum but only one item shows up on Poe.trade with no price, an old league character as contact. POEXYZIS is not responding, I did use the same link i've been using as it doesn't seem to ever change.

Not sure if this feedback is going to the right place, but I have noticed a bug with searching for Large Cluster Jewels mods, specifically the enchantment of " Added Small Passive Skills grant: Mace or Sceptre Attacks deal #% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments ". This mod does show up in the search results, but there are mostly other mods mixed in, items that do not have this mod at all. This was my search: https://poe.trade/search/owononaminihon
I've set up acquisition correctly and can see my tabs. I've linked the forum thread and put in my URL sent to me. I'm not getting any errors in aquisition. It tells me the shop threads have been updated.

The problem I'm having is none of my items are making into the site. I don't know what to do or how I'm supposed to trade.

The only thing that's unusual is I'm not able to log into Acquisition with steam. I had to use the POSSIED to get through. Please help!
For me, the biggest complaint with poe.trade is that it will list people without enough currency items to trade under currency exchange. A red warning is shown, but people are too lazy to read it. It's incredibly annoying to switch from league to standard just to find out I can't trade.

Please, please, please, do it like the official trade site does it: do not list people at all if they don't have enough currency items for trade. A checkbox, like official trade site, may be useful for those trying to find such people specifically (but nobody does that).

the https://currency.poe.trade/ not work for me at past days
know anyone any promblem os this page?
poe.trade works good

https://currency.poe.trade/ today works good
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Hi, wrong total cold and chaos resistances
I noticed that the search is missing some qualifiers, specifically regarding the enchants for Instilling and Enkindling Orbs. Will this be added at some point?

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