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Once again, the same issue that has been a problem for years now has crept up.

Please stop using the shortest possible match to currency type

silver-oil is not silver.

pretty pretty please fix this in a permanent way instead of doing it one-off each time something like this occurs.
it would be nice to narrow down my search results for thread of hope. only affect passive in large ring.

currently the only option is very large ring. this leaves the base search causing so many smalls to take up the whole list

thanks for your consideration
My apologies once again, I have been asking a few people and apparently more and more of the people bombarding me for an item are actually from the main trade site on the site and not from poe.trade
some items are not listed, others are listed for several minutes after selling, this is truly unacceptable as we pay for those premium stash tabs and it's not due to a free and independent site like poe.trade


physical damage is not correctly calculated sometimes I guess.
When there is a physical damage multiplier (15% increased Physical Damage) and normalization with quality 20, then the physical damage on the right side is only physical damage * increased physical damage, instead of damage * increased physical damage * quality. On the other items without increased physical damage, it is correctly damage * quality. The DPS is still correct because you use the right formula for that internally.

can I ask why you insist on having this website up? It's straight up worse than official trade, and kinda getting tired of getting whispered 1h after an item has sold, asking the guy "hey are you using poe.trade?" -> "yeh".
I realize even the main website is slow this league, but your website takes the cake for how slow it is.
Everyone on trade would kindly appreciate it. Or enable a way for us to not show up on your API cuz it's getting tiresome. I know it sounds rude but don't care, been the same garbage for some leagues now. Just take it behind the barn already
Hi , may I ask why everytime I put the best offer on a certain currency it doesn;t apear even tho I am online for hours now and already had an offer that worked?As soon as i update it with the best offer it doesn;t apear anymore almost like favoring someone else ;)

Edit.I have 15 other currency trades that work but the fusing to chaos one does not altho it worked fine until I updated it.

Edit 2: OK so if I put the best offer it magically disapears from the list but if I put a worse offer it magically apears again ok I see I understand.
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So I have switched to primarily using your site only for cluster jewels and other obscure searches that the main trade page doesn't allow for, simply based on speed. I understand the restrictions of the API and rate limiting so I'm not going to complain about that, because you do allow for these more obscure searches, which are nice.

I recently found an issue with searching for Cluster Jewels by enchants. If you're searching for a cluster jewel with a shared enchant of Axe/Sword deal #% increased damage, or similar, that portion of the query is ignored entirely. I can only assume that this is because when it's listed as an item it lists them all in 1 row, but separates them in the query boxes.

You can reproduce this with the following steps:

Step 1: Clear filters
Step 2: Under mods select "Added Small Passive Skills Grant: Axe Attacks deal #% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments" or "Added Small Passive Skills Grant: Sword Attacks deal #% increased Damage with Hits and Ailments" or both and hit submit.
Step 3: The results will contain any items posted as though you had searched with no filter.
Thanks for adding the new ritual basetypes in time, appreciate it! You should add a guthub entry, it would make the overview a lot easier :)
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Is poetrade maintained and updated anymore? Would be nice to be able to search for sextants that actually exists and wasnt removed from the game years ago. That and a million other things. My favorite is when you search for a specific mod on an item and the search result shows all items existing on the server. The ad revenue on such a "populair" site should surley pay for 5 minutes of clean up one would think

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