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I'd prefer not to read 566 pages, so my apologizes, if this was already asked, but...

i miss a button, where i could swap "what i want" and "what i have" in currency market search. Maybe you could add that?
Any idea if i could be unbanned here? I put all my exalts for 50c, just because some folks from twitch did it aswell for joke (yes i understand how retarded it was), and now site doesnt track any of my items. So pretty clear that i was banned, and it was reasonable and deserved but i was curois if here any chance for unban.
Hello, feature request. Not sure if this is already possible and I just don't know. When searching for multiple stats could we have a check mark to un-check / re-check a specific stat when a search results in no items so its easier to determine which stats it was unable to match. Basically temporarily turning on/off stats to help fins what we are looking for. Rather than having to completely remove a stat to try another search. Or even better perhaps a way to inform you which stats were missing when running the search.
Listing an item with a buy price of 1 perfect-fossil incorrectly shows up as 1 perandus coin. I'm guessing you added the shortcut 'per' to mean perandus coin, but I don't think it's behaving as you intended.
It'd be nice to have a feature to ignore price fixers from showing up in my results.
'show search form' doesn't work
Can you please add buttons to the currency market like x5,x10,x20,x50,x100,x200,x500,xAll.
It's sometimes so boring to move the ranger when trying to buy something from many peaple..
Clicking this bottons will copy the message.

Also maybe add some prophecies to the currency market? Such as frogs, rats, twice enchanted..
Hi, I can't seem to find 'Shaped Lair Map' when I try to do bulk item exchanges. please help
Searching for "# to # Cold Damage to Spells while Dual Wielding" yields no results under 'Hypnotic Eye Jewel'. It is an available and frequent mod.
why when I search for pseudo # fractured modifiers and set it to 3 does it return items that have two mods with one of the mods applying 2 properties?

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