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Guys it works fine you just have to find the POESESSID and use it

1. Make sure you're logged into this site with your web browser

2. I will use FireFox in example

3. Go to web developer > toggle tools

4. Click Storage

5. Look for POESESSID under value and copy it (will be long like 3cbd292df8ff12b10d5b5fb88cce73be)

6. Paste that value in Session ID > POESESSID when Acqusition launches.

Happy trades/Finding:)
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Is it still possible to get yellow nickname on site?
I was trying to farm Jun for my es Chest (quality and int craft hype). When i realized that its not possible to search for: "You will find Jun and complete her Mission" while that is available for the other 4 masters. Please add
Would it be possible to have searches open in a new tab? A marketplace site for another game I play has this feature, and it is great when you're making changes to a search or trying to narrow a search down, especially since this site seems to drop some of the mods when you go back to the search page.
Bug report:

When I was searching for the jewel Apparitions Viridian Jewel one of the suggested items when I had typed in "app" in the name box there is a choice of "SHOULD NOT APPEAR" in the list. Every other setting is default.

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