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It would be pretty awesome to have a "quality seller" option. Essentially if you try to purchase something and the person simply doesn't reply or is a dick they can have their "quality" lowered.
Hey, can we get a date listed filter please e.g search for posted in the last 3 weeks. this would be the most helpful thing for standard players.
exalt price needs updating on harbinger softcore league :(
Praise Bisco the Doge <3

IGN = SexyDongers
I found that if the tab with maps has name something like "~b/o 1 chaos", but maps has no individual prices, it will not be shown on currency.poe.trade by searching "Shaped Dunes vs Chaos" (for example).

It will be shown only if i set individual price to one of the Shaped Dunes.
Last edited by zxfx on Sep 25, 2017 3:16:02 AM
Bug: unidentified "Olmec's Sanctum Catacombs Map" is listed as "Olmec's Sanctum Maze Map"
xxxTharaxxx on the first page with 30 or 40 results for Last Hope card search results price fixing or scammer either way should be banned from index

Leo's crafted "%Damage Over Time" doesn't count towards [total]Burning damage.
A great QoL improvement for currency traders would be to have a tab name to put on pricing tabs so they don't count toward stock numbers.
I'm unable to search for the "Area is inhabited by Abominations" map mod.
What about prophecy's search at the currency market? it would be great

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