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Legacy SC divine:chaos and chaos:divine currency trading updating very slowly
Any thought to add ancient reliquary key to the list of currency tags?
Completed 7 Challengesfmammal wrote:
Any thought to add ancient reliquary key to the list of currency tags?

Second this idea
Hi, not to sound like I don't like trade (cause I fucking love it), it would be really nice if you could add "weights" to the "sum method" in the mods section, as I often find myself in a bind when comparing item.
Something like this (just an example):
Where default would be 100% and you could type in whatever weight you want, which would then be multiplied by whatever the item rolled, so that it would be easier to tailor the search to a specific need.
Just a sugestion, personally I would love it ^^

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Just FYI, the vaaled belt implicit "[4-6]% increased Area of Effect of Area Skills" is not listed as a searchable affix, I believe it's still listed as the old radius calculation "#% increased Radius of Area Skills".
Hey, got an issue with live search.

When you select Buyout: NO and do a search, it correctly displays all items that have no buyout listed.

However if you switch to livesearch, it displays every item including those with buyouts.

If you try putting buyout to either and including a max buyout price, it wont display items that have no buyout price.

TDLR; you can't live search for items that have no listed buyout.
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I have used poe.trade in chrome since talisman league and it's work corrctly.
But after legacy league started it didn't work anymore.
It didn't show the matched items name when I searched.
It didn't show the matched prefix/suffix when I searched , also it didn't let me search for prefix or suffix.

what could I do?

please answer my message.

Thank you.
3 fuse = 1 chaos, yet items sold for 2 fusings are shown as more expensive than items sold for 1 chaos.

It's been stable like that for a very long time now, any chance on you changing this?
Just at the right side of the word "whisper" to copy past someone, could you add "counter" (or a similar word).

By pressing this button a new popup would open, asking us the price we want to counter offer, we press ok and then a new copy past is made specifying our counter offer directly inside the normal poe trade copy past.

Too many people copy past and then add their counter offer at the end of their pm and we never see it, this is annoying. They then rage cause we refuse their offer during the trade lol. I use only fixed price, why would I read the end of their messages !

That option should not be allowed on a fixed price item
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i could not manage my shop.
I already got the shop-link.

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