unreal prices for all end game gear

Standard/Hardcore leagues are awful. I don't know what GGG are thinking claiming that is their base game.

Any new player coming in and starting in either won't stay long, that is almost certain. Hardcore is a ghost town and Standard has probably 10,000 too many exalted orbs.

Until a new perm league is started this isn't going to change. The only solution to the Standard economy is a wipe of all non-equipped gear. That would make standard viable again while leaving the toons there still playable. But even that would be iffy.
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slantasiam wrote:
... loath bane dagger ....

.... longtime players have them when they were cheap ...

There would never have been a time when an item like that dagger would have been cheap.

I do have a quick couple of questions for you, as I am fascinated by your post:
  • How much play-time would you expect to put in to get the best available items?
  • What would your play goals be after that point?
  • What other games do you play, and were you looking for a comparable experience?

If you'd prefer to answer privately, hit the PM button next to this post.

- I'm 500 hours+ in and all I found was 2 exalts from drop and no high end game gear. Not even a simple andvarius. Not a single one good pricy unique. The only thing worth something was a 6 Linked Quills Rain which I sold for 15 exalts when Ambush started. This item compared to my playtime is nothing. In Torhclight2 and Titan Quest I had much much better items much sooner. Still playing those games, high reward for time invested not like PoE.
- Goals ? Reroll a new character, trade my valuable items for other ones I can use with the new characters and so on.
- As I said, TL2, TQ. Hell even in D2 I had much better items without trading involved.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you think 2 exalted orb lifetime drops in 2 years and 500h+ is allright ? How much play-time would you expect me to put in to get more ? 1000h ? 5000h ?

sorry bro, but even though you put in all of this time playing, you're not PLAYING SMART. /sarcasm

currency drop rates outside of using your character to be an endless farmer are absolutely ridiculous. Thus is just more evidence.
To be fair most specs can deal with 78maps with a cheap gear. Meaning a 5L, 3 good affixes per gear slot etc... It's not that hard making it happen.

2 days into ambush. I gave few 66-67 maps to a mate who had issues in the end of merc. He got a shav in like 30mn, massive luck, he sold it almost instantly for equivalent of 30 ex, 15 ex plus tons of chaos.(cf chaos/ex rate at this time)

Prices are reals, when somebody has 4+ bot accounts, he buys what he wants to. Exalted are based on how average players farm chaos(hence bots farm chaos slower obviously, especially in ambush).

That's why I don't play the game anymore or don't bother trading when I do, OR for very specific things like trading fuses, gems, basic stuff. Atm economy is a perpetual scaming motion, players bots or rmt currencies that they put on the market scamingly, then it wrecks prices so they buy other ex or install more bots. You can play around it(I did it few times), speculating, buy/sell things. It's very degrading and uninteresting.

Everything in this game became degrading just because of cheating. It's nice having an economy based game, I all up for this, but when it introduces degrading mechanics, well it's everything but nice. It's why steam player pool is at least 1/10 of what it could be easily.

*preping for taking boters hate*
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in ambush I Had a lvl 63 char when I first beat Piety, when it reached 68 I beat dominus.

Well, to add to that, I killed him under 15 seconds at that time and if thats noth enough,
the gear cost me around 10-15 chaos at that time. It became lvl 89 when I decided to stop playing that char.

So no you don't need 2000 exalt to beat the story.

And yes atziri is different. Have a 400+ex build not capable of dealing with her at lvl 85, while there are 10ex builds that can do it.
(not capable means probably my playstyle as I was too lazy too look for patterns and evade her shit)
Vorici can shove his fuse up his [removed]
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