So.. if you can alt f4 and disconnect out and avoid death, is hardcore really hardcore?

Alt f4 is the oldest trick in the hardcore book. This is why I am not impressed with hardcore players. I have played so far without any deaths on one toon in "softcore" and do not need the justification of my name on a ladder board.
BTW, I actually have only have seen people log out very fast, not alt-f4. Alt-f4 may not be instant log-out like I was seeing. But you get my point, instant (or very fast) log-out to avoid death, and you can script that pretty easy.
Alt+F4 is not instant.

I can confirm that Alt+f4 is indeed not instant. I alt+f4 few days ago with character at half life, logged back in to find myself in default.
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Aepoch wrote:
Alt+F4 is not instant.


Nothing is instant, that is also the case for exit to login screen. It still takes time for the packets to reach the server so if you already died in that time it doesn't matter what you see on your screen or what method you use, you'll be dead.
All the time I have spent in hardcore mode in ARPG's never once tried any of these tricks. I take my death like a man. If it's my time and I bite off more then I can chew so be it. I'll go down swinging my 2 hander smashing as many skulls as possible.

Personally I say toss in a timer (yeah I'll be waiting for the flaming for saying that).

That way for the most part you must accept your fate or pray that you can actually play the game and escape death and make a run for it.
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Ehhhhhhh. Most of the time I will disregard anything in general discussion forum as all posts are generally cries to change the game. But, in this case I believe OP is correct.

The game is made to be difficult and hardcore is the king of difficulties. You are supposed to advance with caution, fight tactically and understand that there is no life after death. Yet, I've seen too many streamers charge recklessly into a room to find themselves knee deep in shit and alt f4 or logout to avoid the ultimate penalty. As someone else who stated is this thread said - it basically discounts the difficulty of hardcore altogether.

This is just my opinion but I'd rather have my hardcore character sent to default or take a exp hit in default than magically send my character to safety after a "disconnect". There should be a 3-5 second timer of leaving your character in game after a logout/alt f4 occurs. I do reconigze that this will have disadvantageous results for those who DC though.

Although I will note this: While GGG is working on server stability, I do not think that it would be a good idea to have this delay in place. One of the main reasons I moved away from hardcore temporarily is because of disconnect deaths.
I think op is a hyppocrite something tells me that he hasnt a char that passed normal.... Go get a highlvl and we can talk again
i would say it should be removed but yesterday got stuck on piety couldnt move , fight not even enter TP... so yea w/o loging out i would have died.

But then overally ? since you can just TP out of boss fights , mobs hp dont reset (unless regen is present but thats not reset) its semi-hardcore.
WhiskeyDex wrote:
No making a town portal during a boss fight is another great idea.

In Diablo-like games where you can fill your inventory with pots, sure. But in PoE when your flasks run out mid-fight and you have no way of recharging them, not so much.
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