So.. if you can alt f4 and disconnect out and avoid death, is hardcore really hardcore?

Well I lost a 71 the other day so I'd say yes it's still hardcore. Not to mention, this isn't much of a hardcore issue by itself because even if I played softcore I'd still want to die as little as possible. Unless people like staying the same level all day. :s
There are cheesy mechanics to be exploited in most games. If you have the moral fortitude to play the way it was intended these sorts of things are not an issue. It comes down to what is in your head and no one elses. So yes, OP, it really is hardcore.
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Pushing alt+f4 or pushing a mobility/defensive spell sounds the same for me.

But I agree, while stunned/frozen it might have an advantage. Though isn't it also very unreliable and dangerous to alt+f4 out of the heat?

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