Two Week Ambush/Invasion Charity Race

90 minutes.........
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Why there's no 2W Trading Section in forums? Please add it ASAP.
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so if you make it to lvl 90+, can you win all of the stuff you get for lvl X or just the highest you achieved by your level?
Let me just state that I detest the new character creation sequence. Also, can we PLEASE not have to deal with streamers randomly popping up every time we change the race window? =>[.]<=

Anyway, good luck, have fun, and dun beat me too terribly, folks! =^[.]^=
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Completed 7 ChallengesKakarot3 wrote:
So can you not get regular points? I am one away from the frakkin ring /cry

There is actually one more race this season later tonight. GL getting your ring!

Yes I did see that there is one more race this evening, but I have work :(. I will be sneaking over to Starbucks to grab my last remaining point lawl. Was hoping to avoid that though.
Never have I seen so much Flame Blast / Searing Bond / Spectral throw.
It really sucks to be as efficient as you can.
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I just have to say how AWESOME this 2 week league is. The mix up of monsters, the invasion bosses makes for an interesting leveling experience, it's not the same as what we are used to seeing.

I really appreciate the effort you guys put into making this a new and fun experience for us, It's truely turned into a fun experience so far. Really enjoying it.
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Ripped to a crash on a super tanky char, GG not worth it.
Exactly why i don't play that "hardcore" crap

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Raycheetah wrote:
can we PLEASE not have to deal with streamers randomly popping up every time we change the race window?

100x THIS. Really annoying.

Having a lot of fun with this race, the downside is ambush/invasion will be incredibly boring in comparison once this race ends.
A racing-noob question: do we earn points in this 2-week race that go toward the prizes listed on the Ambush/Invasion race page? Or are the only prizes awarded the level-dependent raffles (and awards for the various first-placers)?

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