1.1.2b Update Deployed!

a detailed, full listing of which invaders were buffed/nerfed/readjusted in the patch before would be helpful also. im still pretty hesitant about engaging them bc once i find out they *werent* actually nerfed its too late. (the adjustments ive noticed in them have all been very well-done however! the exception being the addition of the storm call/proximity shield invader which i wont dare get close to.)

ie. kamaq the soilmaker. it seems like he spawns above ground now as ive run into him twice this way (although ive also heard that thats random and he can still spawn from underneath you-im not sure what to believe) he has a blue sheen (lightning) -the color-coding for invaders is awesome!- so hes easier to recognize (run from) but i wont dare get close until i know if hes been nerfed or not and im constantly on edge when running any area with earth beneath my feet.
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Full list of changes including numeric values. Also: reason for a change and predicted outcome of changes made. Also, information of change being final, or just first step for fixing a bigger issue.
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Builds - https://www.dropbox.com/s/g34poofo61g4fv4/Builds.txt?dl=0
Love the extended patch notes with explanation. It exposes more of your thinking, and therefore provides players with more opportunity to provide useful input.

I understand why you wouldn't want to (gives us more ammunition to argue with, and takes more of your time), but on the whole I think it's worth it.

Hope to see more like this in the future.
Love the patch! Exiles still seem dangerous but it feels more like a battle with an actual exile rather than an uber boss. GGG triumphs again!
and you call that crap in the patch notes an explanation? lol

Come on GGG repeat with me: "we don't know how to balance but we think we know how to patch up, please forgive us for releasing things (when not useless) based on our guts feeling without testing"
More info on changes would be great!
But please use a format that tells at first glance which is "patch note" and which "additional explanation". So you don't have to read all, if you just want a quick overview, especially with major patches.
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In the patch notes, we've tried to include more context than normal, explaining the reasons for balance changes. Is this something that you'd like us to do with each patch?

YES! It's awesome, please keep adding those.
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