GTX570M Computer shutdown after latest patch

Sorry everyone, but I'm not letting this thread die.

There is everything OK with my gaming device itself - yet PoE makes it die.

The aim of this thread is both: to make Devs reconsider optimising the game engine and to warn people that on some rare set ups the game shuts down the system with no particular reason.

I'm gonna bump this till someone can help me.

There are dev answers:
"We won't remove weather/red fog because screenshots would look bad"
"We hired somebody it took 2 years, he left after 3 months, nobody wants to come to NZ"
They don't even think about creating a hardwarefriendly starter screen.

and drakier is right, software can stress but not destroy hardware. there are security mechanisms which prevent your hardware to overheat or fail otherwise.

Oh right. 2 airplanes crashing in the WTC with burning jet fuel also can't melt steel....
The pressure is just too low and heat conductivity not effective enough.
But wait how did Uri Gellar break spoons?
While steel doesn't melt it becomes softer they can't hold the weight anymore, bend and the buildings crash.

There are several ways how hardware will be destroyed. What you need for PoE is a power protection and if you use that one on default values PoE will never run because the used voltage is way higher than on a healthy setting.

half a year ago i broke my gtx570 graphics card while playing poe, it would start with occasional black screens, later occasional reboots, then reboot loops while booting and get worse. increasing the voltage on the card helped for some weeks but hen symptoms returned. it definitely was a hardware fault, my new card, a gtx780 runs without problems using the same drivers.

Please create a whine thread once your 780 also breaks I will just say: "Ha Ha"
Your GPU got throttled because PoE used way too much power(Voltage is way too high current is ok) you bypassed that and killed your GPU.

If the PC rule applied to the human body several people would win Darwin Awards.

hilbert is wrong, even furmark can't break cards, it surely can make cards overheat but they scale down their clock rate and so fps instead of faulting.

Gamers say use "Furmark" to optimize your PC, farm Bitcoins this is the future.

Smart people say Furmark has got a high potential to break GPUs using unrealistic settings and the electric bills and potential to break the GPU is higher than the value of a BTC.

In fact most gamers don't even know how hardware works.
Hay ppl gues what ???

I have MSI 780DX I-72670QM /16GB RAM /NVIDIA GTX 570M and....

I have exactly same problem what is described in here, my computer working fine
with other games but when it comes to play poe .... well it simply reebot himself after
5-10min of game . Have anyone solved that problem ?

I will be greatfull for replay and any advise

Peace \/
Drakier wrote:

Have you tried using something like HWMonitor to check temperatures while in-game to make sure nothing is overheating? It's very common for Path of Exile to cause overheating if a machine isn't set up for good heat dissipation (especially in laptops). Laptops aren't meant for gaming in general. Some of them might say "gaming" on the box, but realistically, they're not really made for it due to their size/form-factor/etc. Laptops are meant for mobile productivity (much in the same way as tablets, etc). While some of them can play some games decently, almost all laptops I've seen have overheating problems and heat dissipation issues. It's the nature of laptops. They were designed for web, email, office, powerpoint, etc. They've just tried to cram more stuff in them because that's what consumers want. Doesn't mean it's right.

So I'd check temperatures and see what's going on there.


kind of similar issue than OP,
I've runed HWmonitor what kind of temperatures would be considered as overheating and how to fix this ?

Starting back poe afer months of break and finding the game slower and sometime stop at loading screen.

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