GTX570M Computer shutdown after latest patch

anything on the 760 issue ? anyone ? HEEEEELP :/
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anything on the 760 issue ? anyone ? HEEEEELP :/

You need to start your own thread. This thread is for avee's problem. - HWMonitor screen of my system with no game runnin (I tremble when I think of running the game atm)

Yday I managed to play for HOURS with graphical settings pumped up slightly (more shadows, for example). Today I started the game - shutdown/reboot after 4 mins, I started the game again - shutdown/reboot after 2mins.

Yday I played with no sound. Today I've tried both: with and without anything playing in the background. In both cases shutdown/reboot after few min.

Yday the temperature on the GPU went up to 75degs which is not that bad - the laptop didnt shutdown even at 75degs. Today it hasn't even managed to go to 60degs. Shutdown/reboot after few min.
Also: Yday I completely reinstalled the game (via steam). I was able to play for a few hours but today its the same old shutdown/reboot story.
Ideas? Suggestions? Solutions?

You need to run HWMonitor again with the game running. We need to know what types of temperatures it is hitting before the shutdown. Granted you can't take a screenshot of it at the time of shutdown, but you should be able to start it with Path of Exile and just let PoE run for a while as you monitor/watch the temperatures manually. Maybe even post a screenshot of the HWMonitor after a few minutes of the game running (provided it doesn't shut down by then).

Let us know what temps you're seeing on both the CPU and GPU especially before the reboot happens.
I encounter the same issue with SLI GTX 670s.

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As for me, my temps are all under 65*C at all times, voltages fine. I've stress tested my GPUs running Furmark, CPU running Prime95, PSU is fine and all hardware is fine.

There is no dump files so BluescreenView can't provide anything, Display Driver just restarts and I consequently die. =)

Issue started around the 3/04/14, currently running 337.50 drivers.
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No PoE running -
PoE login screen running in the background -

I can't provide the HWM monitor screen with the game running in the background simply cos my laptop shutdowns within a few secs after logging in. I managed to see my char, go to stash, leave stash, run 1meter - shutdown/reboot.

This has nothing to do with my temperatures, I'm more than sure. It's smth the game does to my system / hardware and I don't know what this is. Once again: it only happens with PoE and with nothing else i have installed on my rig.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Or suggest a reliable diagnostic technique? Or tell me how the hell am I supposed to enjoy PoE?

Shutdowns DID NOT happen during my 500+ hours in PoE before, on the same laptop, the same system, the same hardware.

not sure that this would cause it (or fix it), but might be worth a shot deleting/renaming your ShaderCache folder in the Path of Exile folder. Those are all created by the PoE system, and it's possible that one or more of them are corrupt causing issues with the video hardware.

Shaders are like mini-programs that run on the video card itself. While I don't normally think those would cause this type of issue, doesn't really hurt anything to try renaming the folder and see if it helps at all.

Deleted ShaderCache folder in PoE folder.

alttabbed to take a screen: - nothing fancy here.

Logged in, went to stash, left stash, went to waypoint, entered docks, shutdown/reboot.

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