GTX570M Computer shutdown after latest patch

same problem here since the patch on 17th april the game starts randomly crashing rebooting or my grapic driver/pc i started running stress test etc. and nothing happend only poe can reproduce this "error".
I' m not sure if my case is same with you since i use different hardware, but yesterday, i tried this :

It keept me alive longer than before and I can interrupt reboot with ctrl+alt+delete if I can be quick enough. It doesnt sound healthy solution but its something..

I guess here is the checklist for the players who are suffering from reboot issues,

-corrupted files/ running packcheck file in game folder with rightclick+admin
-clean uninstall/install of drivers and game
-bios update
-opengl thing

good luck.

Drakier wrote:
As I said.. if it were a problem with their code, then it would be happening to a LOT more people.

I've been around this forum long enough to know when there is a code problem vs a PC problem. The sheer volume of requests on an issue is usually a VERY good indicator. The simple math is, hardly anyone complains about PC shutdowns. Of those that do, the majority turn out to be an issue with the:

1) drivers
2) video card hardware
3) video card overheating
4) PSU

most of them are solved by checking those components in specific and determining what's going on. Laptops make it infinitely harder to do however as you can't just swap in a random video card to test with... also laptop PSUs aren't exactly the same as PC PSUs.

Laptops are most vulnerable to the overheating which is why that's one of the first things we check (after checking driver versions).

I'm sorry you cannot figure out what's causing the shutdown. I can assure you it isn't their code that is the problem.

I'm not sure if you've tried this already, but have you tried deleting the ShaderCache folder in the Path of Exile folder?

Also what about running a PackCheck.exe (right-click and select "Run as Administrator")?

It's quite possible that something is corrupted and being sent to your video card corrupted causing it to crash. That's what happens with people who have Creative sound cards. The audio data is sent to the card in a way that the card doesn't understand it and BOOM! BSoD. It's not a PoE issue, but rather an issue with the Creative sound cards and drivers.

So maybe focus on the corruption aspect.. see if that gives any results.

Sorry I will ahve to disagree as well. I am holding my pitchfork right now. I am 48 emails deep with GGG and every solution theyve thrown at me does not work. This is what I've done to my system:

.swapped my power supply (currently 1000w)with an equal replacement.
.removed my processor, resit it with fresh thermal paste (i7 970 12 core processor)
.swapped ram out(16gb ram)
.removed soundcard
.disablled all sound drivers
.add additional fans even though all temps are within mark
.disabled secondary videocard
.disabled nvidiasheild
.resinstalled all fresh drivers
.cleaned all vents
.updated windows
.prayed to the pc gods
.lowered POE settings
.changed config.ini file
.reinstalled POE
.checked integrity
.increased GPU voltage (since some people got it fixed that way)

Still crashes. continuously crashes, even after all that. I basically built a new system with backup hardware. It's the game, period.

Ps. I can run any other game with extreme settings and it runs like butter. It's easy to say it's not the game when it's not happening to you.
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Pitchfork raised.
Torch lit.

I'd like to thank everyone who posted some advice here. I tried everything and none of that worked. The game still somehow manages to shutdown/reboot my system.

I'm very interested on seeing what this thread comes to as I've experienced a similar problem.

Same crash/reboot thing since patch 1.1.2 ... I figured it was just my video card since it's quite old and ATi. Before the game crashes I have graphical artifacts on the screen, like very long triangles or stripes flitting very fast. The artifacts don't show on screenshots.

I haven't played in several days now and was resigned to buying a newer Nvidia card before playing PoE again, but this thread is making me reconsider.

In the few instances where the game crashed back to windows without a reboot I remember it was a module named "BEX" that crashed with memory access violation something....

In the instances where a reboot went straight to an error screen it was "hypertransport sync flood error". In most instances there was no such notice, just automatic reboot.

My PC has no issues running any other program, game or not. No hardware changes since playing PoE in open beta, leveled a Duelist to 83 and a few other chars to 70+ with no other problems beyond the usual desynch/lag. All this, for me, started with patch 1.1.2.

No overheat issues, pack check was in synch.

I was about to start what Insperatus did (swap parts, reseat), but seeing it didn't help him I guess I have to wait for a technical patch.

Bookmarking this.
I can tell you that your GPU got destroyed by PoE.

My Laptop GPU suffered the same fate. 70$ for a new one and it was really hard to find a working one.

PoE code especially in Act3 is really poor, GPU load goes up to 90-100% in certain areas. They don't dispose projectiles etc.

You want to recreate the issue? Use some hardware destroyers like Furmark.

Even the temperature is OK a maxing out the load isn't healthy for hardware.

The only thing you can do to somehow repair your GPU is to bake it some minutes at 200°C.
But even you got better performance again don't try to run PoE again because it will work some time but then you will receive the same issue again but the next time it might be unrepairable.

A good analysis would be a STM analysis but that isn't something you can do everywhere.

Support gives you the common "improvement" informations.
But poor coding is the case. I could write a hardware destroyer within a short time causing damage to you hardware just because it used poor coding like using 100% CPU of 1 core because of poor threading.

I still experience the same shutdown/reboot routine.

Now, what makes me even more sad is no Dev reaction. I understand they pretty much don't know what to do either, that's cool, but a simple "we are sorry avee, we really are, but we cant fix it, we are looking in out game code right now hoping for a miracle" would be nice.

Now I'm playing on my husband's laptop - it doesn't crash here but this doesn't solve the issue.

Sad panda.

With pitchfork raised.
You better watch the GPU Load or you will have the same or worse issues on the 2nd Laptop too.
Sorry everyone, but I'm not letting this thread die.

There is everything OK with my gaming device itself - yet PoE makes it die.

The aim of this thread is both: to make Devs reconsider optimising the game engine and to warn people that on some rare set ups the game shuts down the system with no particular reason.

I'm gonna bump this till someone can help me.
what about bringing the computer to your professional experts and showing them the reboots while playing poe?

when it comes to hardware requirements poe is one of the games on the upper ranks.

and drakier is right, software can stress but not destroy hardware. there are security mechanisms which prevent your hardware to overheat or fail otherwise.

the one thing software can do is to run your hardware on it's limits which isn't good in the long run.
in my configuration one solution was to enable vsync in the poe options so my card does not create frames my display wouldn't even show because it's limited on 60fps. the game runs much smoother and more silent generating 60fps instead of 80-120.

half a year ago i broke my gtx570 graphics card while playing poe, it would start with occasional black screens, later occasional reboots, then reboot loops while booting and get worse. increasing the voltage on the card helped for some weeks but hen symptoms returned. it definitely was a hardware fault, my new card, a gtx780 runs without problems using the same drivers.

hilbert is wrong, even furmark can't break cards, it surely can make cards overheat but they scale down their clock rate and so fps instead of faulting.

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