[0.10.0] Build of the Week submissions

This is the updated thread for 0.10.0 Open Beta character builds. Feel free to submit PvP builds also!

June 16: Video #1 -- Ice Spear Totem Templar (Big_Z))

June 23: Video #2 -- Elemental Hit Melee Witch (zriL)

June 30: Video #3 -- Resolute Technique/Blood Magic Marauder (CrackingSkull)

July 6: Video #4 -- Extreme attack-speed dual-wielding Duelist (dashgalaxy86)

July 14: Video #5 -- Elemental Proliferation Fireball Witch (GGG Developer Rory)

July 22: Video #6 -- Tempest Shield passive-aggressive Ranger (renatobaal)

Aug 6: Video #7 -- Elemental Bow Templar (mokschi)

Aug 15: Video #8 -- Wand Marauder (PoisonSmith)

Aug 27: Video #9 -- unarmed Marauder with Facebreaker unique gloves (Faerwin)

Sep 9: Video #10 -- Critical strike Witch (Progammer)

Sep 23: Video #11 -- Righteous Fire Marauder (Ropetus)

Oct 1: Video #12 -- Flicker Strike Duelist (nihlanth)

Oct 15: Video #13 -- Flame Totem Templar (Neonspyder)

Oct 28: Video #14 -- Critical Strike Shadow (Invalesco)

Nov 18: Video #15 -- Dagger Discharge Shadow (Velkor)

We currently run a series of small YouTube videos where we play for five minutes on characters that players have submitted. We'll comment on what makes the character's build special, and hopefully fit in some behind the scenes discussion of whether we intended the skills to be abused in that specific way.

Our intention with this series is to provide some extra entertainment for the community and to help encourage players to create interesting builds so that they can be featured by us. Don't worry about it slowing down our development speed - we already play your characters in the evenings and weekends to learn about the metagame :P

Please submit the name of any character on your account that you'd like to see featured. A quick explanation of what makes its build special would be appreciated. We'll pick from them pretty arbitrarily (looking for really interesting builds that do things in unusual ways). Depending on the number of submissions, there's no guarantee that you'll be featured but thanks very much for the time spent submitting it.

We have copies of everyone's characters on our local servers here in the office. They are backed up from the Beta servers at 2am New Zealand time, so make sure that the character was in the state that you want to demonstrate at the last backup.
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Yay, finally some more BotW videos.
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Looking forward to these coming back :)!
Cant wait to see some more crazy builds
Awesome! You guys are doing great with community involvement!
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My beloved pets....

Well in that case... you should try my Helthane;
Enable Vitality and Tempest Shield... Then walk around doing nothing, wait for the monsters to die from themselves, speed up the process with some Molten Shields and use mainly just Shield Charge if you want to do a bit more, Shield Charge's attack(cast) speed is faster than the left click Heavy Strike. He's a ES based Templar, with life regen turned into ES regen and, one day, lifesteal too.

It's so far, for me, the most easy character to play with, I mean, he's HC and I reached Vaal for the first time without any real information (In fact I didn't even knew he was there) and I just Shield Charged him until oh yeah, he died without even depleting my ES.
-Update #2-

Raigor - Blood Magic Firestorm Marauder

Current Level: 70
Progession status: Merciless Act 3
League: Hardcore
Passive Tree:

Bandit Rewards:
Cast Speed
Endurance Charge

Molten Shell
Enduring Cry x2
Firestorm totem (or rejuv totem if your gear can't support the links.)

Flask Choices:
Quicksilver with dispel freeze / chilled (get out of jail free card)
One Seething Flask for burst healing and one Sapping for High regen healing. You can combo these two together for a lot of burst healing. My two favourite secondary mods are Warding and Heat.
Two Ironskin flasks, prefix is anything that can help me use it more often.

Turn on Molten shell, apply curses and cast enduring cry a few times to get defences up then firestorm away. Tanky enough to not need to kite the large majority of monster types. Save Quicksilver for sticky situations. Save healing flasks for when you take a burst of damage. Use Granites when you anticipate burst damage is incoming.

Very resistant to elemental reflect. The only thing you need to never do is to Molten Shell a whole group of elemental reflect. Which is very easy to avoid.
Very high AoE damage
Strong defence
Group utility from shared Endurance charges
Low reliance on linked gear

Lackluster single target damage
Curse immune monsters
Monsters with Fire resist over the cap

Noteable Gear:

The gloves are a huge DPS increase as I am very lacking in cast speed and they let me share my endurance charges. The boots also provide nice stats allround, some damage, some resist and they let me use two curses instead of just one.

I have my main Firestorm in my scepter with +2fire skills and supported with life leech and duration. I do this for a few reasons. First of all Life Leech is an amazing defensive tool as a way to regen life. Spamming Firestorm alone can let me face tank a lot of encounters. Duration is great for two things. Improving the effective DPS of firestorm by a large margin (provided monsters stay in the aoe) and allowing the life leech on firestorm to continue for longer even when I stop spamming firestorm to cast what ever else I may need.

Molten Shell is supported with Fast cast and Duration. I use molten shell more as a defensive tool then an offensive one. These supports help the uptime.

My Firestorm totem is linked with fast cast and duration. Now Fast cast and duration are amazing to use with a totem as they provide a dual effect. Fast cast will let the totem cast faster and let me cast the totem faster. Duration will let the totem last longer and let the firestorm it casts last longer aswell.

I want to work Iron Will supports into my abilities to make use of my large amount of strength. However with my current gear situations I lack the links to do so, and to replace any of my current support gems with iron will will just be a downgrade. I may also consider Con Effect supports for my firestorm(s) to help with single target damage.
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Might as well repost my Sporkmage build.

Name: Onin
Class: Shadow
Build: Sporkmage

Naturally, the basis of this build is using Spark with Fork, which gives you a spell that has the potential to hit 9 times per cast. I have catered this build around all the advantages that this setup gives you. Right now, without having all the passives I want yet, my Spark boosts the following:
800 DPS | 82% Cast Speed (0,35 cast time) | 38% Critical chance | 255% Critical multiplier
In short, I cast a lot of Sparks, with a high crit chance, and a significant chance to hit multiple times. Considering the potential to instantly apply 3 stacks of Shocked, and keep them refreshed constantly, this leaves my theoretical DPS at 15000. Of course that assumes all 9 Sparks hit, which they barely ever do, but numbers are fun.

The great thing about this build is how little of anything it needs. The stacks of Shocked makes the DPS sufficient at any stage of the game with minimal investment in +spell damage gear, or even passives. As long as you invest in enough crit chance you could pretty much invest everything else into defenses. So I decided to use Tempest Shield (which also just looks cool), and aim for >60% block chance. It really helps make up for the significant loss in defenses suffered from the CI nerf.

Obviously I use Bloodrage, Arc gets to be my throwaway iir/iiq skill to lasthit bosses with, and Detonate Dead is always useful.

The character I would like to show is called Papa_Nito, a Templar.

I call the build the Lich General.

How my build works is simple. Basically, I multiclass almost everything, with a focus on summoning.

my key skills are summon zombie/skeleton/spectre, with wrath and anger auras to support them, whilst turning the tide of battle with curses and ranged magic.

I use firestorm as crowd dispersal, with support gems for Increased Duration and Chance to Ignite. this ensures maximum wreckage potential as every individual fireball in the fire storm has a chance to ignite.

Summoning almost twenty minions, I aura up and push forward for the win.
Power in numbers.
Krippers -- Wand Templar
Currently Level 84 on HC

Endgame build:

Build Strengths:
- Unmatched group utility (up to 7 auras, conduit, 70+ crit freezes and shocks every mob on screen)
- Unlimited potions
- Unbeliavle damage scaling from elemental sources
- Extremely high single target DPS from consecutive shock stacks
- Utilizes every stat in the game (except for spell dmg/crit)
- Dynamic. Build changes based on gear
- Auras can change to easily overcome map penalties
- Can be done as Templar, Witch, or (not so effectively) Shadow

Build Weaknesses:
- Very gear dependant
- Very weak mid-game leveling build
- Lower life total than most endgame builds

Skills Used:
Single Target 4 Link = Power Siphon (level 5) + Faster Attacks + Weapon Elemental + Crit Damage

AOE 5 Link (6Link) = Power Siphon (level 5) + Chain + Weapon Elemental + LMP/GMP + Life Leech + (Faster Attacks/Additional Accuracy)

Totem 3 Link = Summon Skeletons + Spell Totem + Cast Speed/Enfeeble

Utility 3 Link = Elemental Weakness + Enduring Cry + Cast Speed/Enduring Cry

Auras = 4 Link = Reduced Mana + Discipline + Grace + Determination/Vitality

Auras = 4 Link = Reduced Mana + Wrath + Clarity/TempestShield/Purity + Haste + Anger(fullcost)

Weapon Swap = Brightbeak x2 = Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Whatever Auras you are not using

Aura Breakdown:
Discipline, Wrath, and Anger are always used. If you run 7 auras, after casting the 3 auras linked to a reduced mana gem, replace the reduce mana gem and cast Anger at full cost to save 1 gem socket.

Haste is optional, and only used if you are above 2.4k(ish) mana.
Replace Determination for Vitality if you, or your group, needs added life regen.
Replace Clarity with Purity and drop Grace if you need to, for elemental weakness map.
Replace Clarity with TempestShield if your mana pool is sufficient. Probably takes around 3k Mana.

Current Gear:

Current Stats:
Level 84 on HC: 10k Dps single target, 1.4k Dps AOE using GMP, 4.5k Life, 2.6k Mana, 3k Armor (26k with granite), 4k Evasion. 230 Mana/s using clarity, 160 Mana/s without clarity.

Current Potions:

Normal = Help Oak
Crual = Kill All
Merc = Help Western Forest Bandit
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