Path of Exile is now Pay to Win

first april fools joke, that can actually be used. GGG delivers!
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*golf clap*
Must.. Have.. Win..

But i cant log in :(
At last, victory can truly be mine!

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Finally, I hope this works for races, first to let off their fireworks wins.
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You can play any build you want, as long as it's the current meta.
Something about this idea seems very fishy to me.

Hmm, what if I use a Vaal orb on this stack of fireworks....for SCIENCE of course.
PoE Origins - Piety's story
The fireworks and the "win" message should go off when someone reaches level 100.
Happy 1 of April to you too Chris. ;P)
You did not get me!

p.p. ok, you got me - bought one fireworks for the good joke.
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yay, nice idea ^^

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