Path of Exile is now Pay to Win

I'm so naive ... you scared the shit out of me Chris, GGG's Play-to-Win / Pay-to-look-cool is the best around for us customers, and I hope it's good for you too. :) I'm definitively buying those fireworks!
This is SOOOO Great! GGG I love you guys.

Best reaction so far!
funny, bold and disturbing
I purchased 1200+ Wins!

Am I P2W yet?
stop over moderating that makes the official forums useless
my god, how much money did ggg make off of this?
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I shook my head, you made me shake my head. Good job!
SinPhil wrote:
kefirhl wrote:
ripnburn69 wrote:
The marauder dance isn't free either does that mean the game isn't free?

extra stash tabs are not free. only demo version(4 stash tabs) is free.

I try type slowly for you.

Lol extra stash tabs do NOT give you any gameplay advantage you can't get for free...just storing more junk will not make you any can't sell gear no one wants anyway. Extra stash tabs do not improve my attack or defense or give me access to stronger skills. I don't get access to better markets for trading or improved drops. All it means I don't need to use mules and as much trawling xyz to decide if item should be sold or vendored.

I do make comments about areas I like to see improved but that is not because I QQ (much...not counting desynch deaths lol) but because GGG games does listen to feedback and constantly tries to cater to majority of players. GGG is the best dev team I have had pleasure of playing their product and that is why I donated and spent on stash tabs...not to have a better account. I will also keep contributing as long as they keep acting on feedback and improving game....and yes nerfing builds that become overpowered so the game balance and diversity remain. After all the only way this game will keep growing and getting tweaked is if us players continue to chip in. I don't begrudge free players until they bitch about game devs and the players that contribute so they can play for free.

So for all the big and long time supporters and GGG thank you for wonderful and fair product you bring are all winners in my eyes.

Exactly I have 52 stash tabs of mostly junk, and vaal gems that no one will buy, and about 30 chaos in orbs, hardly a fortune.

I just need to buy 12 more tabs and I can upgrade my supporter pack to Warrior! So put stash tabs back on sale cause I want to
God_of_Thieves_LLD_PVP__I hate the Labyrinth

It's ARPG PVP of course you need Gearz... If you think that's all it takes meet me in Sarn. I will whip your ass with 20c of crap.

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Wow, was a bit anxious when I read the title (inevitable?), but nice to see GGG stick to its founding principles here. Kudos!

Now if only we can get Fracture fixed and uniques balanced, all will be good x)

For POE Devs:
Died like this in HC before:

These fireworks effects are giving me unplayable FPS! Give us an option to disable them - NOW! Disable fireworks option, in the menu. Get on this immediately! I am tired of this.

[Edit - Oh, I guess it's not April Fool's time in New Zealand anymore. My joke is ruined!]
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