Path of Exile is now Pay to Win

We're always looking for ways to improve Path of Exile's monetisation so that we can bring you more content more quickly. Thankfully, microtransaction design was a very heavily discussed topic at the Game Developers Conference in March. We asked many highly successful developers how we should improve our monetisation, and their answer was unanimous: allow players to Pay to Win.

Given that we were previously Play to Win, it took a while to come around to how games are designed under this new paradigm. We gleaned the following tips from the experts:

  • When players win, they need fireworks.
  • Social is good. Announce the wins to everyone nearby.
  • Price-wise, you should nickel and dime the players. That's why we chose a price of $0.15 per win.
  • Wins should be consumable and sold in stacks so that players have to keep buying more.

We've made a video about this announcement. If you're uncertain about whether you want to win, it'll help make up your mind.

To purchase your Win Fireworks, check out today's daily deal. While the fireworks can only be purchased today, you can stock up on them to impress people for months to come. Thanks for your ongoing support and congratulations for winning.

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